When someone does a search at Yahoo, they can potentially get results from 4 areas, for maximum promotion, you must try to get your website into as many of these areas as you can:

1. Categories and Web Sites
This is the “directory” part of Yahoo. You’ll notice at the top and bottom of the page – after you do a search – there is a link for “Categories” and a link for “Web Sites” both these links take you to their directory listings. If you’re a commercial web site, the only way to get into the directory listings is to submit your site using Business Express. It costs $199. If you have a non-profit site, you can still submit for free. How to Get into the Categories and Web Sites.

2. Web Pages
This is where getting listed in Google is important. Getting your site into the Google database and getting some good ranks, will get you placement in this area of Yahoo. How to Get into the Web Pages

3. Related News
This information comes from newswires.

4. Net Events
You would only apply if you were staging a net event. Add Your Net Event.

How to get into Yahoo Web Pages:

Yahoo uses Google for their “search” results – when you type a search into the search box – first, Yahoo will try to find relevant listings in the directory – if it doesn’t – it will revert to using the Google generated database. Google is a “search engine” in the truest sense of the word. Get into Google by submitting your site to Google. To learn more about how to get ranks in search engines go to Search Engine Promotion Tutorial.

How to get into Yahoo Categories or Web Sites:

The best suggestion that we can give you here is to show you how we did it ourselves.

They reviewed and listed our site in 5 days. The important thing to remember is that there is no guarantee that they will list you, even if you pay up. So, it’s a risk.

Here is how we submitted and got listed:

  1. Before we even considered submitting to Yahoo, we made sure that all our links work. We use Astra Site Manager to check for broken links. (We downloaded it when it was free, I think they are charging now – but they still have a free trial download.) You can also try these free tools – Dr HTML or Website Garage.
  2. I set aside at least an hour to go through the submission process, after all, I’m spending $199, I have to make it worth it!
  3. I read everything on the How to Submit page. Follow all the links presented on this page, become familiar with what they want – you may be able to get in for free or your site may not be ready for submission. Read everything.
  4. I browsed the categories for at least half an hour to get a real feeling for what is where and why.
  5. I also did a number of searches using the search box. I searched with keywords that I thought people might use to find a website like The Write Market.
  6. I narrowed down my choice of categories to the two that I thought best suited our site. When I submitted our site, I put one other category in the section that asked if I felt it belonged anywhere else. (However, we were listed only in one category.) BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE FOUND THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY. Now that we’re listed, I feel that I could have found a better place, but it’s too late now. So be sure about the category that you are asking to be placed in. Here’s where we ended up: Home > Arts > Design Arts > Graphic Design > . Could a more obscure place have been found?
  7. At least our description was great, with good keywords for people doing searches. I read several descriptions that other sites were using in the categories that I chose. I wrote the description (25 words or less). I tried to use at least two main keyword phrases in the description. I tried to write it naturally, yet still describing what our site offered. They changed the description slightly. However, I am satisfied with how they changed it. This is what we ended up with, “articles, resources, and tutorials on design, search engine promotion, ezines, writing for the web, and internet marketing, also offers free art gallery.” Lot of good keywords in there!
  8. Our title was just our domain name and business name “The Write Market”. Unfortunately, we really had no choice in this. Our fate was determined years ago, when we chose a business name. STUPID – why we chose a business name with the letter “W” is beyond me! Any time that we are placed in an alphabetical listing, we end up at the VERY BOTTOM. Yahoo uses an alphabetical placement, just like the phone book!

Is Yahoo worth it??