Writing For Search Engine Promotion

Writing for Search Engine Promotion

Search engine promotion is all about the words on the page. The following sections will give you step-by-step strategies to improve your writing.


You can use brainstorming for many reasons: finding keywords, creating titles, writing headlines and more.

Brainstorming is simply letting your mind open and writing down anything that comes into your head. We recommend a group of at least 5 people. If you don’t have a group this large – you can do this on your own or with one other person. You can also do it with a group as large as 20-25 people. The more people – the more ideas you will get.


1. Gather a group of people – at least 5 people.

2. Generally discuss the topic that you want to brainstorm. We’ll use keywords as our example. The person in charge might say: “We are here to brainstorm keywords for a web page that would sell educational toys. When I say, ‘go,’ I want everyone to start throwing out any word or phrase that comes into their head in relation to this web page. The phrase can be as long or as short as you want.” (The people gathered in the room will need to know what keywords are – so you will need to explain to them that they are queries that people would type into a search engine.) Answer any other questions people might have before you begin.

3. It’s best if you have a chalkboard, an erasable marker board, or large sheets of paper tacked to the wall.

4. Have two people be responsible for writing down words that are thrown out by other people.

5. The rest of the group is responsible for yelling out ideas.

6. That’s it! Have the group yell out anything that comes to mind – it can be noisy, fun and very revealing!

What if I don’t have a big group of people?

If you don’t have a large group and you are doing this alone, we recommend talking to other people about what you came up with. A second and third opinion can be extremely helpful. Maybe have a mini brainstorming session with individuals willing to take a few minutes to sit down with you.

You can also brainstorm things like titles, signature files, or content for your pages. You can do this on your own. Just remember not to worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation or any conventions – the whole idea of brainstorming is to let your ideas flow without any restrictions. You can take the time, later on, to adhere to the conventions of the English language; brainstorming is for getting the ideas out – getting them from your head to the paper.

Keep a record

When you have come up with a list of ideas or words, keep them on hand. You will be able to refer back to them when you get stuck for an idea or a word or a phrase. Always keep your ideas – but try to keep them organized and in a notebook, so that you know where they will be for future use. Put some kind of title on the pages – so you will be able to quickly find what you’re looking for. For instance, we might title the above example: “Keywords for educational toys”