Writing Articles

Writing Articles

Why write an article?

In the last segment, we discussed newsletters. Writing an article for a newsletter or to submit for publication on a site will do several things to build your traffic and promote your website:

1. It will show your community that you are an expert.

2. Webmasters will include a link to your site either in their newsletter and possibly on their site.

3. You can include the article on your site as well, and it will show potential clients that you know what you are talking about.

How to write an article

  1. Find a site or a newsletter that accepts articles.
  2. Read any information they may have on what they expect out of submissions.
  3. Read several articles that pertain to your community.
  4. After you’ve read several articles, choose a topic that you can discuss in great detail, a topic that you know a lot about, and that you feel comfortable with.
  5. Try to choose a topic that isn’t too overdone. For instance, there are hundreds of “Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Site Design”. Try to choose a topic that’s fresh and original.
  6. Organize your thoughts. Put them down in an outline.
  7. Start to add details to the outline.
  8. Rewrite it using the format pertaining to the newsletter or site to which you want to submit to.
  9. Stay focused, don’t let your article ramble on. A good length is about 300-400 words.
  10. Spell check it.
  11. Have someone else read it and make suggestions – tell them to be as cruel as possible.
  12. Listen to their suggestions! Go back and rewrite.
  13. Reread and edit.