Write Content

Write Content

“Content is King”

We’ve already stated that your content is the most important part of search engine promotion. However, right now, you are just going to concentrate on getting your ideas onto the web page.

1. Go to your practice page and put in some content. Get your main ideas down. Ask yourself some questions:

a. What is the goal of promoting this page?
b. What do I want to get out of this page?
c. Who do I want to come to this page?
d. What would those people want to read?

2. Organize it. Use an outline, use headers and lists. It doesn’t have to stay this way, but this will keep you focused.

3. Write about 200-300 words on the page.

4. If you’re having trouble getting something on the page, try this: write it as if you were explaining it to someone. Pretend you’re talking to someone and put those words on your page. Also, try to brainstorm – just let your ideas flow – you can fix it later.

5. Remember: This is a rough draft. Don’t expend a lot of energy making it sound wonderful. You are going to have to rewrite it several times, anyway.

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