Where Can I Find Ezine Content

Where can I find ezine content?

First things first – finding content is not difficult, as long as you know your topic. Some of the articles in the previous section address topics that your ezine can cover. Once you know the topic, finding articles is relatively simple.

Here are a few ways to find content:

1. If you happen to be perusing a site and you find an article that you think your readers would like, just send the webmaster a quick note and ask if you may “borrow” the article for your ezine. Say that the copyright will remain in the author’s possession and that you will also give the author a “resource box”. A resource box is a “plug” for the author or for the author’s website or newsletter.

Seldom has an author refused to allow me to publish a previously written article in our newsletter or even on our website. (It has happened twice, so it is good to ask permission first.)

2. Usually, authors will go out of their way for you – they may even write an article on a specific topic for you – it’s amazing. If you find an author that you like and seem to be knowledgeable on a topic that you’d like to address in your newsletter – then ask them if they will write an article for you. Why do authors do this? Because they get a free plug. And they can use the article in the future for their own newsletter or for their website or for other newsletters.

3. Subscribe to email lists that send free content or deal with content.

Free Content – my favorite.
e-zinez.com – there are several free content lists here – you may sign up for the ones that interest you.
Writers and Publishers online – a monthly publication about writing content.

4. Visit websites that offer free content, you can also submit articles to most of these sources. (In a future article, we will discuss how distributing articles that you’ve written can increase your subscribers.)

ezinearticles.com – The largest collection of free articles I’ve ever seen.
Scroll down and click on “articles for reprint”. Articles on marketing, writing, business, Christianity and more.
certificate.net – free articles on a variety of topics.
A large selection of articles on a variety of topics – most are *not* internet or marketing related!
zinos.com – a variety of topics.
ideamarketers.com – Submit articles and also find content.

WARNING #1: The 4 ways to find content above are great – but realize that these articles are usually going to be used again and again. If you can get a hold of an article before anyone else – that is fantastic! But if you’re the 5th or 6th newsletter to grab up an article – it’s not so fantastic.

People want original content. It is my feeling that you must write some of it yourself. Original content is one key to keeping subscribers.

WARNING #2: If you find some free content on one of these free content sites – you might do yourself a favor by asking the author’s permission to use the article. Even though the site may offer it to you – it’s only polite to ask before using it – unless it specifically says, “this article is free for distribution, you don’t need to ask permission,” or something similar.