What are Themes?

Your site may be themed if your web pages surround a basic idea, motif, notion, concept – however, you choose to say it. You may have 10 or more keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your theme. For instance – “children,” “books,” “children’s books,” “books for children,” “child,” “kids,” “juvenile books”- could build to the theme “children’s books.” When building your website, always keep your “theme” in mind and build around that theme using keywords for each web page that enhance and support the theme. Try to use synonyms for keywords or keyword phrases.

Some facets of themes:

  1. you’ll need the title, meta tags, heading tags and text
  2. a lot of content spread over several pages will help you more in engines than a lot of content on one page.
  3. your top keywords should be represented on separate pages on your domain.
  4. you should work keywords into a menu or directory so that they are present on every page. For instance: juvenile books : kids : childrens books If these were your top keyword phrases and you wanted them on every page, you include them in text links at the bottom of each page. This will also help the search engine spiders find all of your pages.

If you’re really interested in themes, definitely read Analysis and Dissection of the Theme-Based Search Engine for a more in-depth examination.