The Closing Page

Quick Review

Here’s a quick review of one possible structure of your website:

  1. Introduction Page – Benefits
  2. Secondary Pages – Benefits & Features
  3. Trust Building Pages – Testimonials & Guarantees
  4. Closing Page

Push to the Sale

Building to the closing page is an art form. (Albeit an art form that anyone can master.) You must lead your potential customer down the merry path to the sale. You knock their socks off with the benefits of your product. You convince them that your company is unique and that they should buy only from you. You illustrate your product’s features. You give them believable testimonials and a satisfaction guarantee.

They are almost ready to buy…

They only need one more thing to push them to the sale – they need to be asked to buy. Try the following strategies:

  1. On your closing page, review these 4 things:
    1. The biggest, best benefit of this product.
    2. What is unique about your company. Why they should buy specifically from you.
    3. Another testimonial.
    4. A reminder that it is guaranteed.
  2. Then, urge them to buy with one or both of these things:
    1. A time-limited offer.
    2. A bonus offer.
  3. Now, ask them to buy. Tell them how they can buy. Give them explicit instructions on how they can buy in the following ways:
    1. Order by phone.
    2. Order by fax.
    3. Order by secure server with your credit card.
    4. Order by mail.
    5. Give them several options on how they can pay – credit card, check, money order.


  1. Include the link to your closing page on every page. An “order now” button would do the trick.
  2. If they still aren’t convinced that they want to buy your product – give them another option – something that they can do without spending money. (Like subscribe to your newsletter or download a free program or read more information.)
  3. TEST, TEST and RETEST… If it’s not working – if you’re not getting the sales, then something is wrong. Go back to your copy and change things that you think are not working. However, do it scientifically. Here’s how:Each Monday morning do the following things:
    1. Find the number of times you got your target response for the past week. (“Target response” is the goal of your site or a particular section of your site, or even a particular page. It is what you are trying to have your visitor’s do. For example, you may be trying to get people to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter, purchase your services.)
    2. Check your access logs for the number of unique site visitors that you had at your site for the past week (“unique site visitors” are the number of people that come to your site, not repeat visitors, but each individual who accesses your site.)
    3. Divide: # of target response divided by unique site visitors = % of visitors that gave you your target response.
    4. If you aren’t getting your target response, or you aren’t getting the # of target response that you desire (or that you set a goal to achieve) then it’s time to start changing things. Change web copy, change navigation, change your bonus offer, add a time limited offer, etc. etc. Just change one thing at a time – and measure it – the following Monday morning – did your change elicit any improvement in your % of visitors that gave the target response? If not, keep on changing.