The Backgrounder

The Backgrounder

Definition: A document that explains the history of a company or product.

The Backgrounder will be a description of specific products or services. You may also need a backgrounder for your company, as a whole. Here are some aspects you may want to include in your product and company backgrounders:

  1. Product Backgrounder:
    1. What your field or industry did before your product came along.
    2. Explanation of any scientific terms or jargon of the industry.
    3. The problems your industry or field has had.
    4. What your company discovered – results of that discovery.
    5. What your specific product can do, how it can resolve previously unresolved problems.
    6. Your products advantages over existing products.
    7. What the future holds for your product or where your product may lead the industry.
  2. Company Backgrounder:
    1. Where your company is located, when company started, why company started.
    2. Explanation of your product.
    3. The kind of company that you have and what the company does.
    4. Information about the key people in your company.
    5. Information about your industry.
    6. The accomplishments of your company.
    7. Any “firsts” your company has achieved. Meaning, was your company the first to achieve recognition for a product or service in your field?
    8. The future of your company.

Go to your favorite search engine and do a search for “backgrounder.” You will be able to read many examples of various types of backgrounders. The more that you read, the more you will begin to get a feel for what you should include for your specific product or company.

You will find that some are very complex and contain a great deal of information. Others are more down-to-earth and contain easily readable information.

You will need to consider your product and your company and determine the “mood” or the “image” that you are trying to convey. If you are developing an Online Press Center, people other than the media are going to read your backgrounder. If you are developing a Press Kit to send to the media, you may want to get into more specific details and industry jargon.

The following backgrounders are simple and very clear and can be understood by people that are both within and outside the industry. These would be good for an Online Press Center.