Testimonials for Your Press Center

Testimonials for Your Press Center

Subject Line: Testimonials for Your Press Center

The Write Market Release
Vol. 3. Issue 11
Testimonials for Your Press Center


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Hello everyone!

I watched the Winter Olympics. I think it’s the first time since I was a teenager that I’ve actually sat and watched most of the games. What a long way these games have come in 20 years!

What particularly interested me was the way each athlete has a story. I love the way the press profiled them. It makes the wins and losses so much more poignant. Even if the event seems a little boring, the athlete’s path to that event is truly interesting.

After watching this reporting for a couple days, you can see what the press is looking for. They are looking for achievement over pain, they are looking for uniqueness, they are looking for something a little bit off the beaten track.

When you are writing each element of your online press center, keep these thoughts in the back of your mind –
1. how can I show triumph over pain?
2. how is my business story unique from other businesses?
3. what is different about my product or services?

A good reporter can interview a stone and get an interesting story. At times, reporters need to interview people that are less than interesting. However, in the case of your business, if you are trying to get some press, you need to think like the reporter. How can you present your business in a light that is inviting and exciting? If you can hit on just one of those three things listed above – you have a good story for the press.

This month, we are going to talk about “testimonials” and how they can help your press center. Stay tuned next month for the big issue on how to write a press release.

I’m still looking for examples of online press centers. If you have one email me the URL. Thanks!

See you in April.

Write on,
Renee Kennedy


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(This is a quick review to show you where we’re at and where we’re going.)

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For more details on the elements of your Press Center see: http://www.thewritemarket.com/press


Most of this article is an excerpt from our new book. I’ve edited it to be relevant to your Online Press Center. (The book is not in print yet, we’re getting there, though. It should be out by mid April.)

Testimonials are endorsements for your Web site, your products or your services. Testimonials will increase trust in your business and possibly provide the confidence necessary to buy.

In the instance of the Online Press Center, testimonials will bolster your credibility and give the reporter the trust that you are legitimate.

Use real testimonials from satisfied customers or visitors to your Web site; fabricated endorsements do not have the same ring of truth that a genuine endorsement will.

Longer testimonials, at least two to three sentences in length will inspire readers. When you use a shorter testimonial, it can look as though it’s been edited for content.

For instance, these two sentences don’t say much:

“…excellent web site…” or
“…your tutorials are great…”

Whereas, this testimonial provides in-depth details and benefits of the Web site:

“I just wanted to write and let you know that I think you are doing a good job with your site. I use it as a reference tool and have encouraged friends to visit your site when they have had a particular questions that I know you had articles, tutorials or resources on.” (This was a real testimonials from a visitor to our Web site.)

Also, specific testimonials are going to be a better endorsement than more general ones. Sometimes, especially if you’re just opening up shop, you won’t have much of a selection of testimonials. Use whatever you have. However, when you start to get more visitors and business, you will get more testimonials. Start to become selective about which testimonials you use.

Get permission to use testimonials. Ask for permission to use it for all types of ad copy including brochures, sales letters, and your Web site. You want to be able to use the testimonials now and in the future. It is important to get permission to use names and any contact information that people are willing to provide to you.

On your Web page, you want to be able to attribute the testimonial to a person. It will boost your credibility if you can include a full name, city, state, job title, company, URL, and email address. There is also evidence to prove that including a photo will triple believability.

Organize your effort to collect testimonials. Read all your mail and email carefully, pull whatever you can from your mail. If you aren’t getting testimonials through email or mail, then be sure to ask for them. If you don’t feel comfortable asking for a “testimonial,” instead, ask for your customer’s or visitor’s opinion. You might end up with a critique, but most people will also include positive feedback. Also, a critique can be good, because it can help you improve.


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