What are Testimonials?

Testimonials are endorsements for your products or services. For a website, they can increase the trust that people will have about your company and possibly provide the confidence necessary to buy your products. Check out our Testimonials page for some real examples.


1. Testimonials from satisfied customers are always the best. You can also pay for celebrity endorsements, however, unless that celebrity is somehow an expert on your product – it is not recommended that you pay money for this.

2. Always use real testimonials; fabricated endorsements do not have the same ring of truth that a genuine endorsement will.

3. Long testimonials – 2-3 sentences in length will inspire readers. When you use a shorter testimonial, it can look as though it’s been edited for content. For instance, “…excellent product…” or “…your services are great…” doesn’t say much. “Your product has provided me with more time to do the more important things – like talk with my customers. I now rely on a web position analyzer to figure out my ranks. I spend one hour a week doing this v. the five hours I was spending before.”

4. In the same vein, specific testimonials are going to be a better endorsement than more general ones.

5. Attribute the testimonial to a person. Include their full name, city, state, job title, company, URL, and email address. There is evidence to prove that including a photo will triple believability.

6. It is recommended that you group your testimonials on one page. However, as you start gathering many of them, you can start spreading them throughout your website. Even if you decide to spread them out, be sure to keep one page of testimonials (about 6), after a person reads several testimonials in a row – it increases their trust in the product.

7. Get permission to use the testimonial. Ask for permission to use it for all types of add copy: brochures, letters, website… You want to be able to use it now and in the future.

8. Organize your effort to collect testimonials. Read all your mail carefully, pull whatever you can from your mail. If you aren’t getting testimonials through email, then be sure to ask for them. When you do this – ask for their opinion, this would be more like a critique. You want criticism and positive feedback. This will also help you to know where you can improve your services and products.