Submitting Your Site

So you made it this far! Now comes the easy part!

We are only going to cover hand submission in this tutorial. But be aware that there are other methods of submission. There are many free submission sites out there on the internet. There are also paces that you can pay that will submit your site to “300 search engines at a time!” The free ones are fine, but we believe that the ones you pay for are a waste of good money! The most effective method of submitting is by hand submission. This means that you must go to each search engine and submit your main url directly to the engine. Most engines have made it easy to do this and it provides much more effective results.

Which Search Engines Do I Submit To?

You should concentrate your submissions on the SE’s that we have listed on our Search Engine Specific page. These are the most popular SE’s and they will generate most of your traffic from search engines.

Things to Remember

1. Generally, you should submit your site to these engines once a month.

2. When you first submit your pages, submit all your important pages.

3. Don’t submit too many pages in one day – submit a few every day for a week.

4. Don’t submit the same page twice to the same engine on the same day.

5. Resubmit your site on a monthly basis. However, if your page is already indexed don’t resubmit it, unless you’ve made some changes.

Go Submit!

On the Search Engines Specific’s page, you will learn which engines need resubmission and which engines automatically update. In the next section, you will learn how to find out if you are already listed in an engine.

1. Go to Search Engine Specifics and submit your site to the engines.

2. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Write down exactly which engines you submitted to, the pages and the date you submitted. Keep track of all submissions both in the search engines and the online directories! We can’t emphasize this enough – WRITE IT DOWN!

3. Wait a few weeks!