Single Most Effective Way To Advertise on The Web

Single Most Effective Way to Advertise on The Web

by Gary Christensen

There haven’t been many articles on the WAYS to ADVERTISE on the World Wide Web (or The Internet). I’ve read articles by others who say “The Most Important Thing” is to have a Website (or “Home Page”) posted on the Internet, and to advertise it’s location, and hope people will visit your site.

But, simply putting up your PAGE somewhere DOESN’T automatically bring every Internet Surfer to your location. They need to KNOW your address. It’s the same in the real, business world. Unless you get the word out, no one knows where you are, or even that you’re in business!

Listing your website with a good number of Search Engines can be a good way to start. A-List of Search Engines is available from us for Free, just send an e-mail asking for “Search Engines List” to:

Other people advocate using E-Mail and sending information about your Business, and your location, to every e-mail address you can get your hands on. Some service providers frown on your sending out such “un-requested e-mail messages!” However, I get unrequested ads in my box every day, so, some users are doing it anyway. Each of us needs to decide if this method is worth the complaints (or “flames”) of others!

Others say placing ads on Bulletin Boards (BBS) or posting messages to Usenet (or Newsgroups) is a VERY BIG waste of time because you’ll get little if any response! I’ve used Newsgroups for quite a while; I post ads offering my “Free Newsletter”, or a copy of my “Free Report”, and I get responses every day!

A-List of the Most Popular Newsgroups is also available from us for Free. Just e-mail us and ask for a “List of Newsgroups” at:

You first need to understand what kind of people are on the Internet. They are mostly upper-middle-class; people who own a computer and modem, obviously,. They’re NOT by-and-large Mailorder Buyers; Most of them won’t get out a checkbook & write you a check, address an envelope, and send along a note or a letter, ordering something from you. Many of them just won’t do that!

If you’re already set up to receive “Checks-by-Fax” and/or if you have a Merchant Account, so you can accept credit card orders, you’ll probably get more orders.

But, no matter what you do,.. Putting up your Home Page somewhere, or sending out E-Mails, or posting messages to Newsgroups, there are certain things you NEED TO DO,.. or you just won’t get any responses or make any sales!

You MUST get the word out, and I’ve found a few “Secrets” to Effective Advertising that I’d like to share with you,.. because, to advertise on the Internet, to let people know where your page is, you will probably be using Bulletin Boards, and/or E-Mail and maybe posting to Newsgroups, too.

So, what’s the Most Effective Way to do that? You need to:

  1. Keep your messages Short and to the Point! Other Internet Users do NOT want to sit at their computer, scrolling through page after page of your lengthy Sales-Letter, while they are on-line. They want to open and read SHORT messages, to get through more of them per hour!Your Ad or your E-Mail message should be 10 or 12 lines at the most! Say something like: “If you want ( .. this or .. that),.. Visit my site at: (URL address): – or if you have questions, e-mail me at: (your e-mail address). If they want to visit your site, they will. If they want more info, they will e-mail you.
  2. Keep your “First Lines” or Headlines, Simple and Believable! Don’t say “I’ll show you how to Earn $35,000. by this time next month!” Or “Earn $1,000,000 dollars within a year!” These won’t get responses! They are “Hype” and many people won’t open and read those kinds of messages! Those are NOT believeable headlines!Keep your first line or headline very simple, yet intriguing. I’ve used: * * * Three things you should know * * * (I try to make ’em curious!) Or another: “How I got 13 FREE Web Pages…” or “FREE REPORT: “18 Ways to Obtain Free Advertising,..” People DO open and read my messages, and I DO get responses!
  3. Use a Different Headline, or a Different “Subject Line” every time! Readers may “block you out” when they see the “first line” or headline of your message,.. if it’s the same one you’ve used before. They might think they’ve opened and read it before, so they’ll pass it by, or delete it. Try to be a little creative; don’t just send out e-mails with “no subject” in the subject line. I get 10 or 12 of those kind every day!The date; your e-mail address; and the subject line is all that most people see on their screens, before they click on it to open it. Use the subject line; make people curious enough to open & read your message. It’s something which YOU can control. Try it. Every time I send an e-mail, or every time I post a new message, I use a different “first line”, or headline, because THAT IS ALL they’ll see on their screen, just before they open my message! I try to keep ’em guessing! Try to make ’em curious!
  4. Offer Something FREE, and Make it unconditional, and completely Free. Don’t put any “strings” on it. Don’t say it’s Free,.. ONLY if they order something, or Sign up, or Register for something. Offer it FREE, and when they request it, send it Free. It’ll make them grateful. It might make them come back and say “Thank You!” & “What else do you do??” or “How many Reports do you actually have??”Wait for the chance to tell your customer what you have to offer. Don’t force it down their throats. Make them CURIOUS enough to WANT to REQUEST more information!
  5. Be a Helper, Be an Advisor. Try to Inform and Assist. People will remember you for your help! They’ll be grateful and maybe they’ll give you a chance to “tell them more.” When you post messages to Newsgroups, make your message useful and helpful. If you see a subject line from someone who is seeking help or has a question, open, read and respond to their message. Let them know you’re there to help. Give them the info the need, or direct them to someone who can! Their gratitude might show up later as an order!A student had posted a message that said something like, “Answer 30 questions..” I opened it and found she was working on a paper, on Newsgroups! She listed her 30 questions and asked if I would take the time to answer them and return them to her. I did it, and it was fun! I e-mailed her my 30 answers. She e-mailed me back, said they were the Best Answers she had received. Thanked me for them, and said she showed them to her husband, and he needed advice. I e-mailed him some free information, one of my reports I think, with a list of my 67 Reports, and he mailed me an order!!
  6. Begin by saying: “Sorry for Intruding,..” or a “Forgive me, if this has reached you in error.” (Then your 10 or 12 line message) Add a “Thanks for reading this note”.. and a “if you don’t want more mailings, just hit reply and say “remove!” Be friendly, Be courteous, and do what others ask of you! If they wish to be removed, remove them! ONE of my e-mails “subject lines” had “Forgive me, but,..” & another had “Here’s 3 things,..” and another: “I’m sorry,..” – They were mailings I did, and I got a LOT of response back! They made the reader curious enough to open the message and read “the 3 things..” or to find out WHY I was sorry,.. or WHY they should forgive me. (I gave them a short 2 or 3 paragraphs,.. offered them a Free Report, if they had NOT seen it yet,.. and closed with a big Thank You!)Another thing I do is put “Re:” in front on my subject line. Why? It makes people notice my message,.. makes them think I’m responding to THEIR message! It often works, because most people answer their e-mails, then delete them. We humans tend to forget who we’ve e-mailed recently. So, some messages I send out have this in the subject line: Re: Forgot to mention,.. (or) Re: In case you didn’t know,.. “
  7. Understand that people on the Net want Informaton quick,.. they want as MUCH as they can get, and they want it all FREE! So, give them Free Stuff.Offer a Free Sample Report, or a Free Subscription to your Newsletter, or “Ways to Work your Website” or “Names of the 48 BEST Newsgroups, or “How to list with Search Engines & the BEST ones; “Sites where you can post ads, FREE!” (Those are all Reports that I have available. All of them are Free for the asking.)So, offer some kind of Free Help, or a Free Sample, and a LOT of people will respond. Then, once you have their name, hang on to it, work it for all you’re worth, and don’t let them go, even if they send you an order!

There you have it! The Most Effective Ways to Advertise on the Net: Be helpful; Be courteous; Offer something Free; Apologize for intruding; Thank them for reading your message; Use a different headline each time; Keep your messages, Short; Simple and Believable!” It works for me!

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