Signature Files

Signature Files

What’s a signature file?

In preceding sections, we discussed reciprocal links, newsletters, discussion boards, and writing articles. If you use any of these methods to get into contact with your community, you should be using a signature file!

Signature files are a 2-4 line “ad” for your site which are mainly used in email but can also be used in any of the above forums. The power of signature files cannot be underestimated. The minute you finish reading this page – go make your signature file! You should be using it every day in any way that you can.

How do I write a signature file?

1. Learn how to create a signature file, this can be different for every email program. Get familiar with your signature file program, so that you can keep handy two different signature files to choose from each time you email.

2. Write your signature file.

  1. Keep it short and to the point. It should not be more than 4 lines long, we recommend 2 lines.
  2. If you can offer a free services, do it here.
  3. Consider telling people to take action at the end of your short advertisement. For example: “Try this site:” or “Go to:” or “Click on:”
  4. You might try asking a question.
  5. Put down the entire url for your site including a specific page that you want to send them to:

3. Here are some examples:

  • For a large directory of free websites, development resources.
  • Need free clip art?
  • Tired of searching for an all-ages shopping site?
  • Get healthy:

4. Get your employees motivated NOW! Have them write their signature files and use them on every single piece of correspondence they send out! Give a lecture on how to create and use signature files. Make it easy for your employees to use them.

5. Go write your signature files.