Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization requires strong organization. Organization will put you above your competition. This book teaches you a successful optimization process.

Some highlights are:
– How search engines work
– Variables that will affect search engine ranks
– Link popularity
– Five samples of pages that work in the engines
– How to submit
– How to analyze your progress
– A troubleshooting section
– A great glossary of terms

We saw a need for a book that would teach amateur optimizers a methodical approach to getting solid placement in the search engines. This book is about getting yourself organized and knowing where to start.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Beginners will teach you how to optimize your web pages for search engines and online directories.

It’s Easy
Available as an ebook you will learn a step-by-step method to write your pages for search engine placement.

Table of Contents
What the book covers.

What others have to say…“From a perspective of not wanting to have to read 47 books to come to a relative good understanding, I think that this is a good read for anyone starting out looking for a little information on Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.”by Brett Morris
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Brett Morris is a Webmaster specializing in website marketing and internet research. As a consultant he has used his skills in the SEO field to turn around failing e-commerce web sites.