Why is research important?

Things change so quickly; it’s hard to keep up with the technical advances associated with computers, browsers, search engines and the internet. If you are committed to making your business work, then you must be committed to continually researching ways to promote and improve your site.

We will help keep you up to date by providing you with access to new developments throughout the tutorial. However, we can’t guarantee that all of these promotion strategies will work for your site. Also, be aware that what we suggest today may actually change tomorrow. However, these methods have worked for us and we recommend them.

This tutorial is designed as a guide to help you find links quickly and easily. It is also designed as an “overview” of promotion strategies. We are also committed to providing you with the latest updates and as much information possible on Building a Community and Search Engine Promotion. However, you must realize that there are sites out there with much more information on the things that we can’t provide details on. If you have a topic that you would like covered in more detail, We will do our best to provide you with the most information that we can or provide you with links where you can find that information.

We have included links in the following section to those sites which are the best at dealing with specific topics. There are hundreds of sites out there to link to, but it’s overwhelming to try and read them all. Start with these and branch out from there.

We recommend that you spend an hour a week reading at these sites, until you have worked your way through them.

Important Links to Bookmark!

Promotion World: Promotion

Virtual Promote: Promotion

Site Point: Design and Promotion

Search Engine Watch: Search Engine Promotion

Link Buddies: Banners

WDVL: HTML Tutorials, CGI Tutorials, Java Tutorials


W3Schools: The ultimate source for learning HTML and other web scripting.

The Web Developers Virtual Library: HTML basics, site design, also on this page, links to scripting tutorials.