Real Examples of Online Press Kits

Real Examples of Online Press Kits / About Us Sections

This page contains links to real press kits online.

I’m trying to include a wide variety of companies and examples, so that you may find one that is similar to your own company and get some ideas.

Thurston Conservation District: An “about us” section for a conservation district. Heavy with information, including the following sections: mission and goals, annual plan, budget, and district staff. I particularly like the way many of the staff pictures are taken outdoors – can you see the connection to conservation? (It’s the attention to these little details which makes this a good example.)

BHSNorth: A simple “about us” page for a mental health service. Includes a history of the organization leading up to the current status of the company. Very professional.

Catering on the Coast: A simple “about us” page for a catering service. I like this example because it is a more personal example. It is written from a first person perspective and feels very warm.

Media Rare: An interesting take on a “press center” for a design/media company. Looks like they are highly targeted to the upper crust (museums, art, etc.) High tech presentation. Great example of how your press center can bolster the brand and speak directly to the target market. Click on My Press Center. A “press center” for a web based training center. Of course I love this one – it is the perfect example of our tutorial in action.

Newz2Me: One page “About Us” section. The first part of this page is the real “newsworthy” information including current features of the site and what they plan on doing in the future. Again, I like the personal flair of the presentation of this information.

Examples of the “Story Samples” sections

Education World calls this section, “Story Tips.” They provide a topic to write about and writing ideas.

The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services in Maryland call this section of their press kit, “Story Ideas.” They provide, “highlights of significant events” and many topics on which you can obtain more information.

Sea Grant News calls this section their “Tips Sheet.” They provide 2-3 paragraph stories on various projects they are working on.

Red Hat provides “Success Stories.” A selection of success stories, some are written by the customers, some it seems by a third party or perhaps by Red Hat – but using a lot of quotes from the satisfied customers.

Sun Microsystems uses feature articles and they call it “Get the Inside Story.” Currently, they have two topics where they’ve written full blown stories about their products. Oh, also they have one in real player – you can see a video of the Chairman. Check this press center out – wow a lot of information!