Proving Your Business is Newsworthy

Business is Newsworthy

Proving your business is newsworthy

Do you want to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your products, your services, or your business are successful and newsworthy? The best way to do this is to show how other sources have written about you.

If your business is brand new, this is going to be a difficult task, so I recommend that you just keep this idea in the back of your mind for when your business does suddenly start to get a little press.

If your business has been around for a little while, chances are you are being picked up and written about – especially if you are pushing the envelope and getting press releases out there.

The minute another source has written about you, highlight the source in your press center. Perhaps you’ve also written articles and had those published, a link to web sites that have published your work is also a good way to prove that you are successful. Perhaps other web sites are linking to you because you have excellent content. Prove it by linking to the pages of these sites that contain your links.

So there are several things you can do with this section of your online press center. Here’s a list:

1. Locate articles written about your business (generally, you should know about these articles because the people writing them have probably contacted you.) It’s important to provide links to these articles and maybe write a little blurb on what the article is about.

2. Articles by you. If you have written any articles or any content that has been published by other web sites, you should link to these pages and show how your work has been used. I’d also recommend putting dates as to when the articles were written or picked up by other sites.

3. Links to you. You have to be careful if you choose to use this in your press center. Just showing that a site is linking to you is not good enough. You will need to “prove” that the site is linking to you because your site contains valuable content. In other words, a simple reciprocal link is not going to prove your newsworthiness. A link with a nice explanation of what your site provides is what you’re looking for.

The whole point to this section is to prove that other web sites or businesses like you and are pointing links at you because you provide something interesting to them.

If you prove you are interesting to people, a reporter may think that you would be interesting to her audience, as well.