Promotion Is The Key

Promotion Is The Key

by Ryan Kuhle

Now you have your business up on the Internet. You have your own domain name, a shopping cart, loads of information, and much more. But, you just can’t figure out why you aren’t making any sales.

Like any business (Internet or not) you need to let people know you’re alive and well. You tell them you have a product, you show them the product, and you tell them why they should buy your product, right? But who exactly are you telling? Pretty much nobody, unless you do some promotion.

Promotion is the key, as in any business. Except on the Internet, you can find much more methods to promote and often free promotion methods. Methods such as email signatures, message boards, email newsletters, direct email, banner advertising, and so much more you wouldn’t believe it.

Banner Advertising

One of the more popular methods is banner advertising. Banner advertising is much like a billboard you see along a highway. They are a standard size and all do the same thing, tell people about your business. This “billboard” usually goes on the top of a website and tries to intrigue the site visitor to “click” the banner. To you, this may sound very simple and easy but it’s not. Banner advertising has lost its lust in the past few years and is no longer a top promotion method used. One of the Internet’s most popular banner exchanges is Link Exchange.

Newsletter Advertising

One of the hottest methods right now is advertising in email newsletters. Just like you receive your weekly football magazine, many people with email receive weekly newsletters pertaining to their hobbies. Just as a magazine has advertising, so do these email newsletters and of late they have taken off like wildfire. No matter what your business does, you can find a newsletter that pertains to it. Once you find a newsletter, just contact the author and ask about advertising rates.

Opt-In Email

Another great way to target your audience is to get lists of email addresses that are interested in your field of business. Don’t mistake this for “spam.” This is not spam. People often join lists which pertain to their interest. The person that runs the list will then sell the addresses to someone like you who can then contact everyone throughout the list. This isn’t spamming because each person has requested to receive your email. They are fully aware of what they are getting into. To get a list of opt-in email addresses that might be interested in your product visit PostMaster Direct.

I hope you all realize that the above promotional methods are just a portion of available methods, and all results may vary. If you are interested in more promotional methods, please search throughout Webmasters-Pub for more information.

Article by Ryan Kuhle. Kuhle has been writing articles and editorials for over 5 years now. In the past year, he has put his knowledge of web designing and Internet promotion skills to work at his webmaster’s resource site entitled Webmasters-Pub. He also has a weekly newsletter dedicated to helping out amateur and professional webmasters alike.