Prescription for Ezine Publishing

Prescription for Ezine Publishing

By Eva Almeida, Bsc(Pharm)

My prescription for ezine publishing would include choosing a topic and name, directions for formatting, creating and finding useful content, attracting subscribers, and methods for publishing the newsletter.

1. Choosing a Topic and Name:

The very first thing that a person must do when deciding to publish their own newsletter is to think of a topic and name for it. This is obvious, but not always easy!

Choose a topic that interests you and that you know a fair bit about; then think of a catchy name to reflect your topic. If you can’t think of a good name, ask others that you know for ideas or check out my entries page from my last contest, the “Name that Zine” Contest at: . I am sure that if you gave the creator full credit, they wouldn’t mind if you chose one of the names on that submission list.

2. Creating Your Newsletter:

A great template that I have used to help create my own newsletter can be viewed by sending a blank email message to . You can then customize it to fit the topics you want to discuss.

In my hot tip excerpt below, there is a free on-line Ezine handbook that I highly recommend that you read to give you some guidelines on formatting your ezine, such as using a text editor such as the Textpad to format your newsletter and write your articles. Kate Schultz also emphasizes the importance of using the hard return after 60 to 65 characters for each line, which I agree with as well.

3. Developing and Finding Content:

You can write your own articles which is usually preferred by many subscribers from your own experiences and research. You can also look for articles to compliment your own by searching in various databases that I have listed on my site:

4. Publishing Your Newsletter:

After you have the prepared your new ezine, you need the software or listhost to publish it. There are many possible ways you can do this from email software to the premium service listhosting…a great site to check out these various services is at:

5. Attracting More Subscribers:

There are countless of ways to attract subscribers to your newsletter and here are a few ways to accomplish this:

a. Subscription Box:

First thing a you can do to increase your subscriber count is to display a subscription box or link on every page of your site.

b. Signature File:

Then, make sure to include the name of your newsletter in your signature file as well as the method for people to subscribe and view sample issues.

c. Listings For Ezine in Directories and Announcement Lists:

Next, go to as many directories as possible and list your newsletter and you may find a increase in your subscriber base. For a list of places to promote your newsletter, go to:

d. Search Engines:

By having a domain named after your newsletter you may increase your subscriber count. Your newsletter will more likely be found in search engines with the proper meta tags designed specifically for your newsletter. You can even do doorway pages optimized for each search engine to increase traffic to your newsletter site. Although this may be time-consuming, the effort may be well worth it if you increase the traffic to your site (as long as you don’t spam the search engines).

e. Joint Ventures With Other Publishers:

Other publishers will gladly help you to increase your subscriber base in exchange for helping them. Joint ventures could include ad swaps and article exchanges; recommendations of each other in your newsletter, welcome message to subscribers, or on the “thank you” page on your site. You can also join other publishers to create networks that each publisher can promote as a team to really increase your subscribers, such as the Marketing Course Newsletter Network. See it in action at:

f. Submit Articles:

Submit articles that you have written for your newsletter in various newsletter resource sites such as and to name a few.

g. Participate in Discussion Lists and Forums:

The more you participate in forums and help others, the more respect and subscribers you will receive. Take the time to be an active member of web-based forums, some of the popular ones are listed at: .

Email discussion lists can be found at free list sites such as,,, and A popular one for ezine publishers is

h. Apply For Awards/ Ask for Reviews

Once you have established your newsletter and have been getting positive feedback from your subscribers, it is time to apply for some awards. You can proudly display them on your site or even create a special page exclusively for awards. You never know…you may win and the rewards may include an excellent review which will drive new visitors to your site and hopefully skyrocket your subscribers. Again, you can visit: for a few awards to apply for and more will be added in the months to come.

I hope this has given you some ideas and there are a limitless amount of possibilities that can’t all be mentioned here.

Good luck!

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