by Greg Leveto

Pegasus Mail is NOT a listserver, it’s simply an email program with distribution list capabilities.

It’s Freeware, available for download on the web at Pegasus Mail

a. automatic subscribes (by an email address) — yes
b. automatic unsubscribe (by an email address) — yes
c. automatic removal of undeliverables or error mails — no
d. archives — no
e. mail loops — no
f. security features — everything is contained on my PC — not on the web.
g. double opt-in — this is available if companion program “Mercury” is installed. I can also use my web host autoresponders, then feed subscribers to me at the subscribe email address.

Recommended only for small lists. I have about 200-250 subscribers. With auto-subscribe/unsubscribe, there is no work. It takes a few minutes to delist bad addresses of each issue — these are mostly from email spammers. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s 100% under my control. I also use it for daily email instead of Eudora — Pegasus has more basic features. Companion program “Mercury” can extend the features. Also a list of add-ons available from their site. Support is handled by other users with good responses.

However, there are no real bells and whistles. If you don’t know what you are doing, or want to spend no time on your list, then a listserver may be easier, and more intuitive.

I don’t use a subscribe confirmation, but it could be rigged with an autoresponder. You could have subscribed info go to an autoresponder for a return email containing the “real” subscribe address. This could eliminate most of the email spammer addresses then they would not have to be manually deleted. Then the only maintenance would be manual removal of “dead” addresses.