Yahoo Groups (used to be Onelist)

by David Handlos

NOTE: OneList has become part of Yahoo Groups.

When I decided to find a web-based service to host my newsletter, I researched several places, and finally signed up with Onelist since it fulfilled three very important criteria for me:

1) Onelist doesn’t limit your # of subscribers.
2) It has decent anti-spam features.
3) It’s free!

After signup, the moderator(you), has complete control over the list. The moderator controls who can send messages to the list, and can ban users trying to spam the list. It can be a great help in stopping autoresponder addresses and spammers.

Even the moderator would have a problem spamming the readers. A moderator can only add 100 email addresses at a time, and each one is sent a message notifying them that they have been added.

All of the list’s messages can set to be archived on the Web. The archives can be set as public so that anyone can see past messages. There’s also a private setting, so only registered members of the list can browse through the back issues.

Subscribing or unsubscribing to a newsletter on Onelist is pretty simple. People can send a blank email to: to subscribe, or to unsubscribe from a list.

Onelist’s features work quite well, but some of their features can also work against it:

1) Since moderators can only add 100 addresses at a time, anyone who wants to move a large existing list to Onelist would have to contact the Onelist staff for help or spend hours adding members 100 at a time.

2) Since it is a free service, it attaches a small ad to the bottom of any message that is sent. Companies concerned with maintaining a professional image may have a problem with having another business posting an advertisement on their messages.

Onelist’s free newsletter service is simple to set up, simple to use, with a surprising number of features. If you’re interested in starting a publication for free, and don’t mind a small ad at the bottom of each issue, Onelist may be the service for you.

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