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Offer Free Services

Offer Free Services

The importance of offering free services

Free services generate repeat traffic. Repeat traffic is necessary to keep your site alive.

You may also generate some contact with other webmasters if they like your free service. In the last segment, we discussed writing articles, if a webmaster sees some free, original content on your site they might link to it.

What kinds of free services could I offer on my site?

1. Tools: Tools usually come in the form of online scripts. (A list of places where you can find scripts will be at the end of this page.) Some examples of tools:

  • a search engine which would help people find interesting pages on your site or all over the internet
  • banner generators
  • meta tag builders
  • a free counter that people could cut and paste to their site.
  • free graphics that people can use in their site – if you have any talent with some of the more sophisticated graphics programs – try this out.
  • free-for-all-links page

2. Directories: directory of sites pertaining to your community

3. Articles: advice on solving problems that members of your community might face

4. Tutorials: Tutorials don’t have to be as involved as this one. You could create mini tutorials on different topics. For instance, if your site deals with crafts, you could create a tutorial on how to make a bird house. Or if your site focuses on kids, you might have a mini-tutorial on how to make paper airplanes.

5. Newsletters

6. Discussion Boards