What are newsletters?

Newsletters are “newsy emails” that webmasters send out. They may also be called “ezines”. Generally, the webmaster of a site is also the editor of the newsletter. A newsletter will usually contain one to three articles and several advertisements. Some newsletters will go out weekly, others monthly.

In our last segment, we talked about discussion boards as a way of making contact with other webmasters. Newsletters are a way to keep current on important community developments. Also, you can submit articles to newsletters, and editors are more than happy to include your signature file along with the article. This is a way that you can reach thousands of people at a time!

How do I subscribe to a newsletter?

When you find a site that offers a newsletter, just follow the links to the place where you can subscribe.

Be sure to subscribe to a newsletter when you find a site which discusses a topic that is relative to a community that you are involved in or want to become involved in.

However, don’t apply for too many newsletters because your email will be inundated and you wont ever be able to read them all, and you’ll feel guilty for not reading them! Start with one or two and if you can handle those, then add more.

Also, you may have the experience of getting a newsletter full of advertisements. This is not good – get rid of it. Unsubscribe information will either be on the site where you subscribed or within the newsletter itself. You want a newsletter with “original content”, it should contain tips and interesting information relative to a community that you are joining or building.