Measuring the Size of Your Ezine

Measuring the size of your ezine

This article is a collaboration of a few people – credits at the end

Why do you need to measure the size of your ezine? Because – a lot of the free list servers will tell you that the message that you send out to your mailing list must be less than 75K. It’s really hard to exceed 75 K – even our longest newsletters never even came close to 75 K. Not only that, 75K is A LOT of information – I don’t think you’d even want to send out a message or newsletter that long.

If you stick to ASCII text format – most likely – you will never exceed 75 K. It’s when you decide to use HTML format or some other funky thing – like including banners – that you will use more space.

However, to be safe, you will need to know how to measure the size of your newsletter. Here are a few ways to do that:

For Windows:

  1. Most accurate way: save the issue as a text document (use Notepad or Wordpad) go into “Exploring”, right click on the file that you have saved and check the file’s properties to see what the size is.
  2. If you have access to Microsoft Word, it can tell you the exact count of your total characters and a count of total character including spaces. It will also tell you file size. Save your newsletter in Word, go to “File”, then go to “Properties”, click on the “General” tab. (Lots of neat information here!) However, realize that saving the document in Microsoft Word will cause the file to look larger because of Microsoft Word formatting.

For Mac:

Credits for this article (thanks to everyone who contributed!):
David Handlos
Terry Kent and Renee Kennedy