Link Popularity and Click Popularity

Link Popularity and Click Popularity


Link popularity and click popularity are determined by each search engine. AltaVista may calculate a high popularity for your site, whereas Lycos may calculate a low popularity for your site. Each search engine may also use the popularity information in different ways. It will all depend on their specific algorithms.

Popularity is becoming more widely used by search engines. Therefore, it is a very important consideration when trying to increase your ranks. Hypothetically, if you have two sites that have equal content and equal meta tags, then the site with more popularity will rank higher.

Link Popularity:

  1. The link popularity of your site is determined by:
    1. the number of web sites that are linking to your site (the web page that your link appears on, must be indexed by the search engine – just using those “free-for-all-links-pages” is not the kind of link that you’re looking for.)
    2. the popularity of the sites are that are linking to your site
    3. the similarity of the content on sites that link to your site
  2. Link popularity is used by every search engine to some extent.
  3. Ways to increase link popularity will be discussed below.

Click popularity:

  1. Click popularity is the number of clicks that your site gets when it comes up on a search. So if your site is number 3 for a search, and it is being clicked on by people more than number 2, you can potentially move ahead of number 2. (If the engine uses click popularity in their algorithms.)
  2. Excite and Direct Hit use click popularity. Also, engines that are associated with Direct Hit, like Hotbot, indirectly use click popularity.
  3. You can increase click popularity by having a good title and a good description of your website in your meta tags.

Page Rank:

  1. Google’s page rank has come into light in the past year. This is a system that the Google search engine uses to rank sites based on how many links come into a certain page. It is their way of ranking based on link popularity.
  2. It is a complex system. For more information, try reading this article: Chris Sherman


For each engine it may involve a different process.

Generally, you can go to each engine and type into the search box:

Also there are a good many link popularity tools (links below). Sometimes, you will not get accurate results – we recommend that you use the above method and the tool in order to try to get all the results that you can.


1. Reciprocal Links
There are varying opinions on whether or not to get reciprocal links and if you do, where you should put them. Here is our opinion – The internet is a web and it is joined by links. If you are offering good resources, people will bookmark your site and come back. If you aren’t, they won’t. Part of offering resources is suggesting other places to find information. We’re not suggesting that you put links off your site on your home page, we’re not suggesting that all you do is to provide a directory of other links.

We started with a one-page resource directory. From there, we built it up to over 10 pages of links that go to sites that have content similar to our own. We started by simply linking to anything related to us. Now we are fussier. We will only link to a site that will place a reciprocal link to us and we only link to sites that have quality content. (Yeah, it’s a lot of work to maintain that small directory.)

More on reciprocal linking strategy

2. Content:
The fact is, once again (I know you are tired of hearing me preach about it, but…), CONTENT IS KING. No one will want to link to a site that is simply a promotional avenue for an affiliate program. You must provide original content. If you provide original content, you’ll find sites linking to you all over the place.

3. Online Directories
Getting listings in directories will not only boost your traffic, it will also increase your link popularity. It is especially relevant to link popularity because these directories are mega-popular (remember the more popular a site is that links to you, the more popular your site will be rated).

4. Meta Tags
You will be able to increase your click popularity by having a good title and description of your website. You can write these into each individual web page using meta tags. A better look at Meta Tags

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