Larry Dotson’s 555

Larry Dotson’s 555

Larry Dotson has written over 500 distinct marketing ideas. We are publishing them here as an “idea database.” You will find many original ideas as well as the good old-fashioned kind. Don’t forget to visit Larry’s site and find 1000 Ways To Sell Your E-Information. As a bonus, Bob Osgoodby publishes the free weekly “Your Business” Newsletter –

35 Killer Business Boosters
Organize, think big, and learn ways to save money.

13 Ways to Intensify Your Business Credibility
Strategies to increase your business credibility and amplify your customer’s respect and trust in you.

43 Phenomenal Ways to Improve Your Customer Relations
Learn how to improve your customer relations, includes many ideas for customer incentive programs.

20 Possible Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing!

40 Sure-Fire Exchanges with other Webmasters and Marketers
Includes ideas for joint ventures, bartering, and affiliate programs.

20 Ideas to Intensify Your Web Design
Includes several really unique ideas as well as the “must-haves.”

21 Ideas to Promote Your Website

39 Strategies to Super-Charge Your Web Content
Web writing strategies, tips to improve your content, ideas for different types of content.

93 Ideas to Energize Your Ad Copy
Need some pizzaz for your ads? Here you will find the tried and true plus some unique ideas to spice up your ad copy.

42 Deadly Ad Copy Sins That I’ve Made
These can be turned around to be useful things you can add to your ad copy to make it more effective.

46 Ideas for Ezine Marketing
Includes ways to increase subscribers and how to work with other publishers.

38 Free Offers That Will Jump Start Your Profits!
Includes ideas for giving away free software and ways to make your freebies more enticing.

60 Sizzling Ways To Ignite Your Sales!
Ideas to get to your target market, proven ways to get more orders, and offline advertising ideas.

45 Unique Marketing Ideas
Some rare ideas, also a section on the benefits of helping online newbies!