HTML tutorials and web design guides. Templates to help beginners writing their first homepage. Tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website. Online home page wizard, online search engine submission. highly recommended

HTML Goodies
Basic HTML – probably the best tutorial on the web for HTML.

Web Developers Virtual Library
Tons of info on how to make web pages: tutorials for beginners and more advanced developers.

The HTML Writers Guild
You don’t have to join to find useful information at this site. Be sure to check out Useful URLs – learn HTML, CGI, Java, all sorts of good stuff here!


CSS Font and Text Style Wizard
This page helps you set your text styles and generate the appropriate CSS code.

CSS Tutorial
W3 Schools has some terrific interactive tutorials to help you understand cascading style sheets.

HTML & CSS Templates

Websites that offer free beautiful website templates and themes of all types

Website                           Description
HTML5UpVery modern, unique responsive HTML5/CSS3 themes
TemplatemoMinimal, resume, gallery themes and more
Templated.coTons of minimalistic HTML5/CSS3 themes
FreeHTML5Free & premium HTML5 and Bootstrap themes
StyleShoutBrilliantly crafted free website templates
Start BootstrapBootstrap starter themes
ZerothemeHTML5, Bootstrap, Prestashop templates
HTML5xCSS3Collection of wonderful templates in different categories
ColorlibAlmost any category of theme you can think of
Free CSSHuge collection of free templates
HubspotTemplates, infographics, banners and much more
MobiriseGreat looking HTML5/CSS3 templates
BootswatchFree themes for Bootstrap
OnepageloveOne-page websites, templates and resources
Themes For AppFree Bootstrap themes and landing pages
BootstrapTastePremium & Free Bootstrap Templates
BootstrapMadeElegant, clean and beautiful free templates using Bootstrap.
W3LayoutsW3Layouts: 3784+ Free Website Templates for 2020
TooplateTooplate: Free HTML Templates for everyone!
CruipFully coded HTML templates to help you easily build your startup landing page without hassles.
UIdeckFree Landing Page Templates and Bootstrap Themes
SplawrFree web templates to kickstart your idea!
W3css_templatesSome responsive W3.CSS website templates for you to use.
All-Free-DownloadDownload free-website-templates
mashup-templateHTML5/CSS3 Free Templates

CSS Frameworks

CSS/UI frameworks to help build great looking websites and applications

Website                           Description
Tailwind CSSLow level, utility-first framework
BootstrapPopular UI framework with tons of components that use both CSS and JS
MaterializeA modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design
Material Design LiteLight framework based on Material Design. No JS dependency
BulmaModern CSS framework with no JS
SkeletonExtremely light framework for basic UI elements
Semantic UIEmpowers designers and developers by creating a shared vocabulary for UI
Fomantic UIA community fork of Semantic-UI
FoundationMobile first framework with clean markup
Pure CSSA set of small, responsive CSS modules
UIKitLightweight and modular front-end framework
SusyLightweight, grid-layout engine for Sass
Milligram.ioMinimalist CSS framework
Vanilla FrameworkSimple, extensible CSS framework written in Sass
Spectre CSSLightweight, modern CSS framework
Picnic CSSLightweight and beautiful library
WingA beautiful CSS framework designed for minimalists
ChotaA micro (~3kb) CSS framework
Blueprint CSSA lightweight layout library for building great responsive mobile first UIs that work everywhere
W3.CSSA modern CSS framework with support for desktop, tablet, and mobile design by default. Designed to be independent of jQuery or any other JavaScript library
98.cssA design system for building faithful recreations of old UIs
NES CSSNES-style CSS Framework
Shoelace.cssLightweight, forward-thinking CSS library built with future CSS syntax
MVP.cssA minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements. No class names, no frameworks, just semantic HTML and you’re done
Blaze.cssOpen source modular CSS toolkit providing great structure for building websites quickly
Turret CSSTurret CSS is a styles framework for development of responsive websites.
CutestrapA strong, independent CSS Framework.
ShorthandShorthand is a free and open source css framework, that allows you to make unique and modern design without writing any css
XP.cssXP.css is an extension of 98.css. A CSS library for building interfaces that look like old UIs.
Framework7Framework7 – is a free and open source framework to develop mobile, desktop or web apps with native look and feel.
Hint.cssA pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites.
imagehover.ioPure CSS Image Hover Effect Library
mini.cssA minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework
TachyonsCreate fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.
Material BootstrapMaterial Design with Bootstrap
IvoryA modern CSS framework for developing powerful web interfaces faster and easier
Halfmoon UIA responsive and lightweight framework, designed for quickly building beautiful dashboards and product pages.
Metro 4Create your site quickly and effectively with Metro 4. impressive components library built on html, css, javascript.
css-doodleA web component for drawing patterns with CSS
latex.cssMake your website look like a LaTeX document
Paper CSSFront-end printing solution
Windi CSSNext generation compiler for Tailwind CSS
Cirrus CSSA gorgeous CSS Framework for the web
GutenbergModern framework to print the web correctly. 
litWorld’s smallest responsive fire css framework (395 bytes). 
ArwesArwes is a web framework to build user interfaces based on futuristic science fiction designs, animations, and sound effects. 
BojlerBojler is an email framework for developing responsive and lightweight email templates that will render correctly across each of the most popular email clients. 
TacitPrimitive CSS Framework for dummies, without classes. 
Terminal CSSA modern and minimal CSS framework for terminal lovers. 
SakuraA minimal classless css framework / theme. 
PSonePS1 style CSS Framework, inspired by NES.css. 
MarxMarx is the classless CSS reset to be used in any projects (namely small ones). 
TufteStyle your webpage like Edward Tufte’s handouts. 
AxentixAxentix is an open source Framework based on CSS Grid using HTML, CSS and JS.

CSS Methodologies

CSS methodologies to help write modular, reusable and scalable code

Website                           Description
OOCSSOOCSS concepts help us write components that are flexible, modular and interchangeable.
Atomic CSSAtomic CSS is the approach to CSS architecture that favors small, single-purpose classes with names based on visual function.
BEMBlock Element Modifier is a methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end development.
SMACSSSMACSS is a way to examine your design process and as a way to fit those rigid frameworks into a flexible thought process.

CSS Animations

CSS animations to build awesome animations for websites and applications

Website                           Description
Animate.cssJust-add-water CSS animations
Bounce.jsBounce.js is a tool and JS library that lets you create beautiful CSS3 powered animations
Anime.jsAnime.js (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API. It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects
Magic AnimationsAnimations has been one of the most impressive animation libraries available
ZdogRound, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG
CSShakeCSShake delivers exactly what it says on the box — a CSS library designed specifically for shaking elements within your web page
Hover.cssHover.css is a CSS animation library designed for use with buttons and other UI elements in your website
AniJSAniJS is an animation library that allows you to add animations to elements in a simple ‘sentence-like’ structure
AnimistaCSS Animations On Demand
Tachyons-animateTachyons itself is an atomic CSS library with a ton of utility classes for essentially designing anything by adding classes to what you need
Sequence.jsSequence.js is a JavaScript library that provides a responsive CSS framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications
InfiniteThese animations, like rotations and pulses, that are specifically designed to run and repeat forever
OBNOXIOUS.CSSAnimations for the strong of heart, and weak of mind
MOTION UIA Sass library for creating flexible CSS transitions and animations
Keyframes.appA graphical user interface for generating custom CSS keyframe animations
thoughtbotCSS Transitions and Transformations for Beginners
SVG ArtistaA useful tool to animate stroke and fill properties in SVG images with plain CSS code
AnimXYZAnimXYZ helps you create, customize, and compose animations for your website. Built for Vue, React, SCSS, and CSS
WhirlCSS loading animations with minimal effort!
HamburgersHamburgers is a collection of tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons. Also included is the source as a Sass library. It’s modular and customizable, so cook up your own hamburger.