How To Turn Failure Into Success

How To Turn Failure Into Success

by Allan Gardyne

The vast majority of people who join revenue sharing programs – or reseller/associate/bounty/affiliate programs – are failing with them.

Helping them fail are merchants who encourage a “cut and paste” mentality. Also helping them are unethical merchants who tell you how “easy” it is to make lots of money. It’s not. It’s hard work – but it can be fun, too.

If you’re joining revenue-sharing programs and simply pasting in a banner or a bit of code that is the same as everyone else’s bit of code, don’t expect spectacular results. If you want to earn thousands of dollars a month from revenue sharing programs – the way I do – you have to think for yourself, be a little original.

For example, an excellent way to do things is to make friends with newsletter publishers and be invited to write an article for someone else’s newsletter – which is exactly how this money-earning article got published.

Not sure where to start with this new approach?

You’re lucky. Ken Evoy has just spent three months writing the definitive manual for affiliates. It’s by far the best I’ve seen, it’s 224 pages long – and it’s totally FREE.

Ken is a truly amazing guy. He’s a doctor (two days a week), has invented 23 games and toys which have earned millions of dollars in royalties, he’s written niche software which he sells successfully on the Net and he’s also written what is certain to be a best-seller, “Make Your Site Sell”. I don’t know when he sleeps. When he phones me, it’s often 2 a.m. his time.

To get his free manual, all you have to do is sign up to join his 5 Pillar Club – and that won’t cost you anything either, unless you decide to buy his book.

Of course it all sounds far too good to be true, and you’re a bit cynical. Fair enough. So just try the free download of a couple of chapters at Ken’s site and you’ll soon change your mind.

Allan Gardyne
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