How to Publish an Ezine

Helpful Terms

We’ve outlined a little history of where the word “ezine” comes from and defined some terms we’ll be using throughout this tutorial.

large publication with large number of subscribers – cover is slightly heavier than pages, distributed in stores and through US mail.

slang for a publication with a small number of subscribers – (anywhere from 5-1000) Used to be an abbreviation for “fanzine”. Fanzines were small publications geared to the SciFi and Fantasy market.

a publication distributed on the web (on web pages).

Ezine or E-zine:
abbreviated from “Electronic Magazine”. Number of subscribers can range from 25-100,000 plus. Distributed through email.

small publication (2-10 pages) with small number of subscribers (as opposed to “newspaper”) – generally distributed in local gathering places or through US mail, or email. May also be used interchangeably with “ezine”.

Bulk Email:
emailing one message to many people. Usually, bulk email is considered to be an “advertising message”.

unsolicited bulk email, commercial in nature; something you don’t want to do if you want to have a credible and reputable ezine.

Mailing List:
a list of people’s addresses, either email addresses or US postal addresses.

Opt-In List:
a mailing list of people that have asked to be put on the list. Your ezine should be distributed only to people who request it – your mailing list should be opt-in.

List Server:
software that distributes email to the mailing list.

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