How Do I Increase the Circulation of My Ezine?

How do I increase the circulation of my ezine?

by Mike Banks Valentine

Publishing your own ezine has become an excepted web marketing standard for increasing traffic and visibility. I am often asked how to increase the circulation of newly launched ezines and have put together a shortlist of techniques to help the fledgling publisher grow her list.

1) Visit Website 101, a list of 28 ezine directories with links that take you directly to the submission pages. This is only the beginning of a vast number of directories in which you can list your ezine to help increase exposure and circulation. There is also a page with other valuable resources for ezine publishers like a page outlining available list distribution software and another covering list hosts.

2) Engage in discussion lists and attempt to post to large lists. This is an invaluable tool to boost your subscriptions if you post helpful and intelligent responses to discussed topics. It doesn’t matter what you do, if people like your posts, they will go to your site (of course you *always* use a signature line on your posts) and they’ll sign up for your newsletter, just to get more of your input.

3) Whatever you do, don’t let the small circulation of your list make you think it isn’t worth the effort. Always do your best, you never know who is a subscriber and you will always get subscribers forwarding particularly good articles to friends. I’ve often been startled at the high level corporate types that show up on my distribution list, even though it is targeted at the small business owner.

4) If there were one thing I would recommend above all, it would be the attempt to get press in large publications somehow. The usual method is through sending press releases. The trick is sending a press release that will be paid attention to. If the topic of your ezine ever makes it’s way into the news, quickly draft a great press release tying your ezine to the story and write an article in your ezine about it! Website101 was profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine because they picked up our news release on our Small Business Internet Tutorial. Here are a few to get you started.

they each have tutorials about how to write creative and newsworthy releases that get picked up and used.

5) Post your articles to your website following publication and submit these pages to the search engines! This method will increase your visibility by up to 44% and bring you new subscribers from the search engines!

The main thing to remember is that it takes a long time and intense tenacity to gain that traffic and increase the circulation of the ezine. Once it reaches a critical mass of about 1000 subscribers, you can start attracting advertisers and more traffic and your list will grow steadily without so much effort on your part.

I’m assuming, of course, that the techniques used to get you to the 1k mark are still being used. I’ve established a free tutorial sent via autoresponder and use that and my list subscription email in my signatures.

I’ve been away from the list for weeks at a time and the numbers keep growing steadily due to those techniques and the contest I offer on my front page. Most of my subscriptions come from the short course autoresponder.

It varies based on articles run in other ezines and whether any of the “big boys” pick up articles, but the autoresponder just keeps churning out new subscribers due to the popularity of the course.

Of course, I’m already listed in the ezine directories, I just need to keep the subscriber numbers updated regularly.

Don’t give up, but do have patience. It’s worth it . . . eventually.

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