Five Fabulous Articles on Ezine Content

Five Fabulous Articles on Ezine Content

So many great articles have been written lately on ezine content. Rather than try and avoid plagiarism and repeat what they’ve already said – I’ve posted several articles to our website. Here are some quick links to them:

1. 12 High Readership Content Ideas! by Larry Dotson: 12 “types” of content that you can use for your ezine.

2. Has Your Ezine Passed It’s Sell-By Date? by Marie Williams: How to focus your content on your readers – give them what they need.

3. How To Promote Your Business By Providing Specialized Information by Bob Leduc: Several really great ideas on different aspects of article content.

4. Free Publicity for Online and Brick & Mortar Entrepreneurs by Michael Werner: Excellent resources for authors – places to get your articles in circulation. (Some of these resources are great for publishers, as well.)

5. Posting Your Work on the Internet: Watch Your Rights! by Nicole Bishop: Exactly as the title puts it – you need to watch your copyrights when you are distributing your writing around the internet – the article gives you some insight into how you may protect your writing.