Example Press Release

Example Press Release

Example Press Release

Following Steve’s advice, I wrote the following press release for our new book:


For Immediate Release

Company: The Write Market
Contact: Terry Kent
Phone: 215-355-7472

Do you want to know how to make a Web site that will sell your products, services or help you brand your business?

“Create Web Content that Sells! main focus is to teach you how to write to sell on the web. It also shows you how to create a navigation strategy that will bolster your sales, how to recognize graphics that work, and how to write for search engine promotion. It’s an easy to read book that anyone, at any level, can understand. The book’s aim is to teach you our proven strategies and methods,” says Renee Kennedy, co-author of Create Web Content that Sells!

This book is especially geared to small business operators that need to quickly absorb how to market, brand, and write to sell on their web sites. A web site is a fantastic marketing tool, if you know how to use it. Create Web Content that Sells! will teach you how to use it.

Judy Vorfeld, web writing expert, owner of www.webgrammar.com and moderator of i-CRM discussion list had this to say about the authors and the book, “You two have the experience, the understanding of where newbies are coming from, and you have a delightful writing style. It’s a terrific tutorial!”

This book gives you a proven method to write content and choose graphics that sell. You will find the book sold in print and ebook format at: www.thewritemarket.com.

Full Contact Information:
Terry Kent
The Write Market
RR1 Box 130M
Shenandoah Junction, West_Virginia 25442

Web URL: http://www.thewritemarket.com/
Photo Link: http://thewritemarket.com/media/us.htm


While I was writing the above release, Steve’s words kept running through my mind, and they really helped me to pare it down. I think his advice bares repeating, “For each sentence ask yourself, ‘So what?’ – remove if there is no good answer.

I’d further like to add that you should be writing your press release for a specific group of people. In my example above, my target is small business owners that have a web site. That’s a very specific group of people. I tried to write it for them, telling them that this book is especially for them. Also, when I distribute this press release (after editing it some more – I’m sure), I’m going to target publications that are written for small business owners. Most likely, I will target ezines.