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Company Backgrounder


The Write Market:

Headquartered in Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia, The Write Market was created in 1998 to develop and market web sites. The Write Market is a “mom and pop” company whose primary goal is to research and understand the ways that the Web can be used as a marketing medium.

The Write Market’s flagship site, thewritemarket.com, is an archive of marketing resources free for public use. It includes tutorials, tools, books, graphics, and links which surround the topic of Internet marketing. This site is a direct reflection of the ongoing research required to understand and apply Internet marketing strategy.

The Write Market also offers web design and development services. The Company works with carefully selected consultants to offer a wide range of services, including graphic design, web copy writing, web design, scripting and Internet promotion services.

The Internet is still in a fledgling stage. There are numerous strategies to sell products and services using Internet technologies. It is the Company’s goal to research, apply and determine which technologies work the best for web marketing. Those discoveries are passed on to the Company’s clients and to the public through The Write Market web site.

It is not enough to know HTML in order to develop a successful web site. It is a complex process to know which marketing strategies and technology will work best in order to sell a particular product or service.

The Write Market’s success is based on the vision, research and knowledge of its partners. Renee Kennedy’s focus is on researching and applying web marketing and navigation strategies that will achieve sales results. Terry Kent researches and applies the technologies that make the graphic design elements perform at optimal capacity in a cross-platform environment.

Currently, The Write Market has published a book on search engine optimization and placement. This book is focused on one of the primary strategies that a web site should use to advertise products and/or services. The book is written for a beginner and includes worksheets to guide the process of search engine promotion.

The Write Market’s future plans are to continue developing sites, and to publish a book on the topic of “How to Write for the Web” in December 2001.