Doorway Pages

Doorway Pages

What are doorway pages?

Doorway pages are also termed “hallway pages,” “gateway pages,” “entry pages,” “leader pages,” and “bridge pages.”

They are an “entrance” into your website. It is a web page specifically written for a certain search engine. For instance, many people use doorway pages to get their site into Alta Vista. They create separate pages with specific words and tags in them, specifically designed for Alta Vista.

Other things that may qualify a doorway page:

  1. A page with a string of keywords – a list of keywords – no true, recognizable content.
  2. Pages hosted on a server that is not where your website is located. These pages are “optimized” to get ranks in the search engines and then direct people to your website. (Generally, this is done by a Search Engine Optimization Specialist that would charge you for the work and host your pages on his/her server.)
  3. Pages that may be located on the same domain as your website. They will lead people from a search engine to your home page.
  4. A page that is optimized for specific keywords – with recognizable content in complete sentences.

You don’t want to get involved in #1 or #2. It is #3 and #4 that we will concentrate on for this tutorial.

Hundreds of pages with strings of keywords or pages that use tricks like hidden text are bound to do one thing for your site – get it banned from the search engines. In fact, free servers like Geocities, Freeserve and others are now banned from some search engines because people spammed the engines with hundreds of doorway pages that were served on those domains. This means that honest sites hosted on Geocities cannot get into some search engines because that whole domain is banned.

From now on, when we refer to Doorways – we simply mean an entry to your site from a search engine.