Developing Your Brand-Building Game Plan

Lesson 10: Developing Your Brand-Building Game Plan

by Bob Baker

Promoting your brand online involves more than just assembling computer equipment, learning about the Internet, and choosing a name. To be successful, you must also upgrade your frame of mind. Every day presents a new opportunity to increase your notoriety, and you will build your brand name faster if you aim for specific goals.

Here are the primary activities you must focus on:

  • Communicate using the e-mail you’re not an e-mail junkie yet, you will be soon. But you won’t be sending joke messages or virus warnings to all your friends. You will be using e-mail to communicate with online media people and other movers and shakers in your field. You’ll use e-mail to answer individual questions, carry on a personal dialog, and establish meaningful relationships with your fans. You’ll turn your e-mail program into one of your most valuable communication tools.
  • Build and update your Web sites important as e-mail is, you still need a place where your fans can go and get to know you in a more visually appealing and interactive environment. Your Web site satisfies that need. Once you build this inviting online gathering place, you must spend time regularly updating your Web site so your fans have plenty of reasons to return often.
  • Publish your own e-mail newsletters falls under the e-mail umbrella, but I list it separately to emphasize the importance of creating an electronic publication. Start sending regular e-mail messages to your legion of fans to keep them abreast of your latest ideas and activities. No matter what other promotional avenues you pursue, make time for an e-mail newsletter.
  • Network through a variety of sources you enjoy making new friends, don’t you? If not, you better learn to enjoy it, because branding yourself online involves meeting lots of people. But these won’t be awkward introductions, since you’ll be connecting with folks who share a passion for your specialty. The Internet may seem cold and impersonal, but your new commitment to networking will make being online more lively than happy hour at your favorite local pub.
  • Seek out and generate publicity while you’re making all those new connections, you’ll also develop an instinct for generating newsworthy ideas. Newsletter editors, Webmasters, reviewers, and feature writers need fresh content to feed to their audiences. It’s now your job to satisfy their hunger by regularly sending press releases and engaging in media-friendly activities.

The topic of personal branding is so vast, it’s impossible to cover all the details in 10 e-mail lessons. Hopefully, this workshop has given you a great foundation on which to build your brand identity online. By now, you should have a clearer idea of what identity suits you best and how to position yourself to cut through the information overload of the online world.

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In the meantime, I wish you success in all of your efforts — both online and off!


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