Content is probably the most important promotion tool that you can use to get people to come back to your site. Getting repeat traffic is very important in keeping your site alive. It is a constant struggle to get new traffic to your site, but if you have repeat visitors – this will help you maintain your number of site visitors. Also, a person may not purchase from you the first time that he/she visits, they may come back several times before actually purchasing.

Changing Content

The first thing that you will need to do is to set up a regular routine for changing the content within your site. You should be changing content at least once a month if not once a week. Choose certain areas of your site that you can update. Include a date on these pages to show your visitors the dates that they have been updated.

Tell your visitors that your pages will be updated and if you can, tell them how often the pages are being updated.

Remind them to bookmark certain sections of your site, especially if updates will be included in those sections. (I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to bookmark an important tool or article and then had a dickens of a time trying to find it again. A soft reminder to bookmark is sometimes appreciated.)

Interactive Content

Under the section called Free Services, we mentioned several online tools that you could include in your site for your visitors. These things can also be called “interactive content”. You need to get your visitors involved in your site.

Other ideas for interactive content are other strategies we have gone over – implementing Newsletters and Discussion Boards on your site. Also, any type of form which asks for feedback – a survey or questionnaire – these types of things provide a method for your visitors to interact with you.

You want to provide as much interaction as you can. A website can seem forbidding, unpersonal and a formal way to advertise. It doesn’t have to be like this, in fact, it shouldn’t be like this. You want to make a “contact” with your visitors, you want to make them feel comfortable at your site, and you want to give them ways that they can participate at your site.

Create A Mood

Your content can also help you create a mood or a tone. That mood can either be interesting and comfortable, or it can be formal and all business. If you are running a business site, you need to have some level of formality – for instance, proper grammar and spelling are essential. However, you also want to create the feeling that there are people behind the site – not just some big business organization where customers will get lost in the shuffle.

One way that you can create comfort in your content is by choosing a conversational tone. This may be a difficult task, when trying to promote in search engines. But you’ve got to try to do it. Write your pages as if you were talking to one person, make your visitors feel as if you are talking personally to them.

Another way is to provide contact information, and if applicable tell them a little about the people behind the business. In otherwords, let your visitors know that you are willing to answer questions, provide support, or listen to their suggestions.

Anticipate Questions

If you are offering services or products, anticipate any questions your visitors might have about them. Explain your offers in as much detail as possible. Sit down with someone and go over your pages, ask them to read your pages and tell you if there is something they don’t understand.

Also, tell visitors how your offers will be solutions to their problems. Tell them that your offers will solve their problems quickly. For instance, if you offer a product – tell them that it will be delivered within 5 business days or sooner if applicable.


In the site design section we talked about frames, java, and browsers. Not all visitors will have the same access to the internet that you do. This can also be true with content. Not all visitors speak English, some visitors are handicapped, not all visitors may understand the same technical jargon that you do.

Do not use a program to translate your content into another language, they still aren’t quite up to speed and may end up tranlating your good content into a garbled mess. If you are trying to reach a market who speaks a different language, you might benefit from hiring a real live human translator.

If you are providing a site with any type of technical information, don’t forget to remember people who don’t understand the lingo. A simple solution would be to provide terms and definitions. Again, have someone unfamiliar with the jargon read the pages and comment on them.

Search Engines and Content

Your content is also the most important part of getting ranks in search engines. It will do you no good to have perfect meta-tags, titles and descriptions unless you have the content to back it up. This will be discussed further in the search engine tutorial.