We have been loathing to provide information on “cloaking” because it is such a controversial way of optimizing search engines. However, we must mention it as a possibility so that you are aware of its existence.

What is Cloaking?

Basically, cloaking is providing one page to the surfer and a totally different page to the search engines. A CGI program is set into motion on a website when it detects a certain IP address of a spider.

Why do Sites Cloak?

  1. To prevent other people from stealing their code – good cloaking.
  2. To provide a nice looking page to people viewing the site, while also providing an easily indexed page to search engines – good cloaking.
  3. To spam the search engines – bad cloaking.

Who Should Use Cloaking?

Professional SEO’s only. It’s a full-time job. Only the very advanced webmaster should attempt to cloak. If you wish to learn how to cloak we’ve provided some resources to learn about it. We do not cloak nor do we advocate it.

The only reason you should consider cloaking is if your keywords are extremely competitive.

More Resources

Stealth Article about why not to do it.
Fantomaster The most informative and detailed.