CGI Script Resources

The CGI Resource Index
You’re going to love this site, they have every script under the sun. When we’re looking for something this is where we start.
They literally have hundreds of free and low cost CGI scripts. An excellent resource if you’re looking for something specific.

The Master Series of CGI Programs
This series is found nowhere else: Recommend me, webpage mailer, snooper, theft resister, many more; some with anti-spam techniques. Most FREE; also shareware and commercial. You can also contact Will if you need something custom.
Cool site with lots of information on CGI, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, and Perl. Includes scripts, articles, books and more.

Shareware and Professional CGI programs.

CGI City
Pre-made CGI’s, tutorial’s on CGI and programming, jobs, etc. A complete reference site for CGI.

The Web Developer’s Virtual Library
Tutorials on CGI, Perl, Java, Databases. It’s an excellent resource for the web developer ready to get into the advanced stuff. highly recommended

Other Resources:

CGI Resource
CGI: Why Things Don’t
Matt Kruse’s Intro to
Matt’s Script
WDVL: The Perl You Need to