Catch Their Eye with Sample Stories

Catch Their Eye with Sample Stories

Subject Line: Catch Their Eye with Sample Stories

The Write Market Release
Vol 4, Issue 1
Catch Their Eye with Sample Stories


1. Editor’s Remarks
2. How to Build an Online Press Center – Part VIII:
a. Samples Story Ideas
b. Example Sample
3. What’s New at The Write Market
4. Administrative Information


Howdy folks!

Can you believe we’re entering our fourth year of publication? This is an amazing feat, don’t you think? I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

For the past month Terry and I have been working our butts off! We’ve published our second book! Yippee! Please go buy a copy:

Oh, I guess I should tell you what it’s about. It’s called…. “How to Create Web Content that Sells!” And let me tell you… it’s jam packed with information on how to make your web copy and graphics work together to sell products, services or a business image. It’s written with our usual idiomatic style and I think you’ll find it a good little read for only $9.00!

We also designed a new site… Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for special people? This month, we continue our tutorial on the Press Center with articles on the “Sample News Story.” This is an optional part of your online press center, however, it may be just the kick to catch the eye of a busy reporter.

Write on,
Renee Kennedy


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(This is a quick review to show you where we’re at and where we’re going.)

1. Table of Contents
2. Backgrounder
3. History
4. The People Behind Your Business
5. Projects, Clients, Partners, and/or Works
6. Testimonials
7. Press Releases
8. Sample News Story **We’re HERE **
9. Articles by Other Sources
10. Contact Information

For more details on the elements of your, Press Center see:


We’ve already covered many different pages that you can include in your online press center. This next element is one that you don’t see in EVERY press center. But you will see it occasionally.

The purpose of this section of your press center is to give reporters a really good idea for a story. That’s all it is, to spark the interest of the reporter and to save her some time by providing the story topic (or in some cases the full story) for her.

You can provide these story ideas in several formats, below, I’ve shown four different formats. Some of the examples are lengthy, so I will publish the full example on the web in the tutorial at this URL:


1. “Quick Story Tips” – you could provide a bulleted list of topics.


– Insulated concrete is the newest and smartest way to save energy.
* saves on heating and cooling
* made from abundant natural resources and recyclable materials

– Insulated concrete walls save money!
* durable and requires little maintenance
* costs less to maintain over time than any other building material
* energy efficient, saves money on heating and cooling bills

– Insulated concrete provides a healthy and comfortable environment
* quiet, cuts off fluctuation of air and noise.
* eliminates cold spots
* moisture and mold held to a minimum
* eliminates dust and pollen

2. “Tips Sheet” or “Story Topics” – provide a couple paragraphs on specific topics.


The most striking feature of the NRG Wall System is that it has no webs or connections between the two faces, which is common in most blocks. Even though the unit is webless, it does have the cavities found in the conventional CMU which allow it to accept rebar, concrete, conduit and plumbing that might be run through any standard block wall.

Because there are no webs in the design of the NRG Wall System, therefore, there are no “thermal bridges” that transfer heat between the inside and outside faces of the wall. This minimizes the effect of outside weather conditions on inside temperatures.

3. “A Sample News Story” – a full blown story that you provide about your company or offerings.


In New York State alone, the savings, in fuel oil, that would be achieved with the use of the NRG Insulated Wall System is calculated to be 18,300,000 barrels annually. This equates to a dollar savings of $1608.00 per commercial building and $867.00 per household in the state. These figures are compiled from sources obtained by Ecology and Environment Inc., an internationally known company that has helped NRG compile information acquired from The Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).*

It is a well known fact that air conditioners are great consumers of electricity. From the figures obtained, it is estimated that at least 40% or 8,580,000,000 kWh of energy consumption due to air conditioners could be eliminated by building with NRG Insulated Wall System. This is not only a great savings of energy but a fine savings in dollars for consumers. (The full example is printed here: )

4. “Success Stories” – these may be short (or lengthy) stories written from the perspective of your clients or customers about their success with your products or services.


When Don Reed of Genesee, Pennsylvania decided to build a new 6800-square-foot Mini Mart/Service Station to replace his existing 2000 square foot facility, he was advised by architects and engineers that a 10-ton air conditioner would be needed to achieve adequate summertime cooling. Fortunately for him, he met Frank Kennedy before he finalized his plan.

Kennedy is the inventor and developer of a specially designed insulated wall system. He suggested to Reed that the unique design of his product might offer more advantages than the building materials, which were originally being considered. After further discussion concerning the ability of the insulated wall system to reduce energy usage and construction costs, Reed asked his builder to use this innovative product in his new store, and he is glad he did. . .


Here are some good examples of this section of the Press Center in action:

Education World calls this section, “Story Tips.” They provide a topic to write about and writing ideas:

The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services in Maryland call this section of their press kit, “Story Ideas.” They provide, “highlights of significant events” and many topics on which you can obtain more information:

Sea Grant News calls this section their “Tips Sheet.” They provide 2-3 paragraph stories on various projects they are working on.

Red Hat provides “Success Stories.” A selection of success stories, some are written by the customers, some it seems by a third party or perhaps by Red Hat – but using a lot of quotes from the satisfied customers.

Sun Microsystems uses feature articles and they call it “Get the Inside Story.” Currently, they have two topics where they’ve written full blown stories about their products. Oh, also they have one in real player – you can see a video of the Chairman. Check this press center out – wow a lot of information!


Our new book – Create Web Content that Sells!

Updates to the Search Engine Promotion Tutorial:


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