Building Trust

Build Trust

If you’ve described the benefits of your product and possibly described the features – then you will need to build your visitor’s trust. How are you going to get them to respond the way you want them to? If you want them to buy online – you definitely need some trust building pages.

Trust Builders

  1. Secure Server: If you have credit card processing – you need a secure server. Your credit card processor should offer this. If they don’t – then look elsewhere.
  2. Professional Graphics: If you can’t afford professional graphics – then don’t bother with them. If your graphics look sloppy – your business will look sloppy.There are many free graphics available all over the internet – choose wisely and carefully. Do not have graphics on your site that mean nothing to your product. Graphics should aid in navigation or show pictures of your products or your company. A cute little doggy wagging it’s tail is not going to sell your product (unless you’re offering dog care products or services).
  3. Your Own Domain: Your own domain name will lend a lot to your credibility. It shows that you are serious about your business and your website.
  4. Complete Contact Information: Your real address – a physical location. A phone number. A fax number. Email addresses. The names of your employees, the name of the owner.
  5. Photographs: A photograph of you or your employees in action. Not a head shot. Show what you do – especially if you’re offering services. Show that you are happy and working and a “real live person”.
  6. Privacy Statement: A privacy statement tells your visitors that you will not break their trust. That they can give you information and you will not reveal that information to anyone else.

Two Trust Builders That Work

The following trust builders are almost a necessity. Because they are so important, they have their own dedicated tutorial pages:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Guarantees