Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Develop Relationships

In our last segment, we discussed building a community. One way that you can help to build your community is to develop relationships with other webmasters who contribute to the same community that you do. Developing and maintaining relationships is probably the best way for you to promote your site.

Why is developing relationships so important?

I just read an interesting statistic that said, “90% of your traffic will come from other sites.” What does that mean? It means that search engines and banner campaigns are not the only way to build traffic. I’m not saying that getting good listings in search engines won’t help you, but you shouldn’t obsess over it. Do everything you can to get great rankings in engines. Allot a certain amount of time every week to track your rankings and do a little rewriting. But after that amount of time is up, leave it alone and pursue some other methods of promotion!

Link popularity is one of the ways in which search engines rank pages. Link popularity is how many other sites are linking to you – how many other sites have your link somewhere on their website. Developing relationships may help you increase your link popularity.

Developing relationships with other webmasters will do three things for your web site:

  1. Build your traffic by having a link from their site to yours.
  2. Build traffic by increasing your popularity in search engines.
  3. Give you resources and solutions, other people you can turn to, when you encounter problems. (And there are ALWAYS problems!)

How can I develop relationships?

The following pages of this tutorial will explain how you can develop relationships:

  1. Find reciprocal links.
  2. Submit to discussion boards.
  3. Read newsletters and submit articles to them.
  4. Offer free services so that surfers and webmasters begin to trust you.
  5. Use your signature file so that people can find your site.