Brand, Branding, Branded.

Brand, Branding, Branded

Subject Line: Brand, Branding, Branded

The Write Market Release
Vol. 3. Issue 2
Brand, Branding, Branded


1. Editor’s Remarks
2. How to Write a Marketing Plan – Part VI
a) Quick Outline of a Marketing Plan
b) How to Brand
c) Review of “The Revenge of Brand X”
d) Resources for Branding
3. What’s New at The Write Market
4. Get Your Ad in TWM’s Release!
5. Administrative Information


What a month we’ve had here at The Write Market. Busy, busy, busy! I can’t wait to tell you everything that we’ve been doing!

Last month, we offered a free book to the 3,000th subscriber. We sent the 3,000th subscriber an email, but he never took us up on the offer. So…. the first person that sends us an email at: will get that free copy! Say, “I WANT A FREE BOOK,” in the subject line. The book is Search Engine Optimization and Placement: An Internet Marketing Course for Webmasters….

We’ve been busier than squirrels this month. We took on two new clients and we’ve been working for a few old client’s as well. We must be doing something right, because most of our old clients come back for more. I just love that. If you want to see what we’ve been working on, check out our new projects page:

And while you’re there, If you haven’t checked out our site in a while…. you really should check it out now! We redesigned to provide better navigation and get rid of a lot of unnecessary script.

Of course, in the process, we broke a couple of Rob Frankel’s rules of Branding, “Once you have a logo, marry it. Once you have a web site, stay the course.” We knew that! But we are also marketing a new product and we felt that it was time to get the site more up-to-date. That’s the problem when you have an excellent graphic designer (Terry Kent) that knows all the new technologies, you just can’t help trying them out!

I really like the new design and our new logo, though, so hopefully this design will stick around for a long time to come!

I’ve learned my branding philosophy from Rob Frankel The first article is about how to brand. Much of that information agrees with Rob’s book. (Perhaps not all of it.)

However, that article is not intended to replace the book, there is just too much information in Rob’s book not to go out and buy it right now. The second article is a review of the book.

Write on,
Renee Kennedy


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(This is a quick review to show you where we’re at and where we’re going.)

1. Market Research
2. Target Market
3. Product
4. Competition
5. Mission Statement
6. Market Strategies
7. Pricing, Positioning and Branding ** We’re Here **
8. Budget
9. Marketing Goals
10. Monitor Your Results

For more details on this plan see:


by Renee Kennedy

This article was really tough to write. My favorite thing to do when writing a “how to article” is to break everything down into sections; nice, neat little piles of organized information.

The problem is that branding is more of a holistic technique. Branding has to encompass many elements that all work together to create a meaningful mark in the minds of the buying public.

Branding has to be at the root of ALL your marketing efforts. Branding has to emanate out from every pore of your business. In my efforts to organize information, I have broken down branding into 7 elements. My suggestion is that you analyze the 7 elements, if you feel that you are weak in one element then follow up with the resources provided. However, at the back of your mind, realize that all the elements must work together to create a business presence.

What is a brand?

A brand is a mark that you sear into livestock with a hot poker; that mark identifies which animals belong to your ranch. If you’re a marketeer, you may have come to think of branding as a mark that you sear into people’s minds and hearts that identify your product, services or company.

Elements of your Marketing Plan you can use to create a successful brand:

1. Niche/Target/Positioning:
a. What do you know about your Industry?
b. Where does your company fit into the Industry?
c. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
d. Who is your target?
e. How does your product satisfy your target’s needs?

Target Market:


2. Slogan or Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
a. Does your USP deliver one, strong BENEFIT to your target?
b. Does your USP tell people what You can do for Them?
c. Does your USP eliminate the competition?
d. Does your USP imply that you are the ONLY solution that your target will need to solve their problems?

Unique Selling Proposition:

3. Logo
a. What images or ideas does your logo conjure?
b. Does it deliver a clear message?
c. Does it deliver a message that is consistent with your USP?

All I can say here is: Hire a Professional Graphic Designer that knows Marketing. And give the designer space. Yes, give them your ideas, but let the designer run with it. Listen to the designer. It is the designer’s job to design, let them design.

Need a professional designer? Here’s a plug for The Write Market, Terry Kent is my partner and an excellent graphic designer: I have worked with Terry for years, she knows her stuff, she knows marketing and she knows design.

4. Customer Service Policy
Do you have systems in place to handle Customer Service Issues? Topics might include:
– billing and payment services
– how you will handle customer complaints
– first contact with a customer
– how you answer the phone

Customer Relations Marketing is a topic all to itself. Check out: i-CRM discussion list – comes through email
Judy Vorfeld is the moderator
(This is an excellent all-in-one resource for customer relations marketing. Judy always includes several resources at the end of each dialogue.)

5. Pricing:
a. How does your price compare to your competitor’s price?
b. Are you using pricing to imply quality?
c. Are you using pricing to imply cheapest price?

Next month, I will provide a nice, neat little article on pricing, but for now here are some other articles that talk about it:

6. Trust and Credibility
a. Trust:
– secure online shopping
– guarantee or warranty
– build a community
b. Credibility:
– are you looked at as an expert?
– do you provide information to your clients freely? (This is a tough issue, you do want to provide some information, but you may need to have limits – you don’t want to give away the store.)
– the Web is a great place to provide information and to make your business look credible. It can start with the little things like a professionally designed web site and move up to providing resources like online manuals that show how to use your products.

Branding and Trust:

Building Trust on the web:

7. Marketing Strategies (how you will build awareness of your brand):
– Networking
– Direct Mail Marketing
– Traditional Media Advertising
– Training Programs
– Become an Expert
– Direct Personal Selling
– Publicity and Press Releases
– Web Site
– Internet Advertising

Ten Categories of Marketing Strategy:

How can a business build a brand?

First, you have to determine your niche market. You need to study the competition and find out where you should be “positioned” in relation to them. What are you going to offer the target market that your competition isn’t offering?

For a small business, the best approach is to find a product or service, and make the product or deliver the service in a different way than everyone else. This could involve a number of strategies including customer service policy, pricing, delivery, production… We covered several of these in our article 20 Ways to Beat Your Competition:

You can begin to build your brand with that one strategy that differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Take that strategy and build a USP, design a logo, use it to determine how you will develop trust and credibility, even use that strategy to develop your customer service policies. Then take it out to the public and build your brand awareness through marketing strategies. Your brand culminates in building loyalty in the hearts of your buyers.


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by Renee Kennedy

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where I wanted to stand up and shout, “YES!” I literally did that while reading Rob Frankel’s book, “The Revenge of Brand X.”

Rob writes in an easy-to-read, conversational style. His writing is funny and witty, but most importantly, he lives up to his name. He’s frank…el. (Sorry, Rob, I absolutely couldn’t resist saying that!)

His focus is on Web branding and he caters to the idea that a small business can make it if they “build a big time brand.” He brings home the point that branding is really the key to making your business work. He presents exercises throughout the book that will help you analyze your branding strategy. He also sites numerous examples of good branding and bad branding. These examples will help you rethink old school marketing ideology.

Rob’s book is written for a new generation of marketers. Rob shoots down the old philosophy that internet marketing is a numbers game. The drive behind his theories is that marketing is about finding your “niche” or “target market” and then making those people love to love you. Rob is keen on marketing philosophy, but the drive behind his book is methodology and strategy. In other words, it’s a “how to” book.

I’ve been marketing on the Internet for three years, I’ve been searching for someone to explain how to use this phenomena we call the Web, in a way that I could quickly absorb. (Like most small business owners, Terry and I do not have time or money for market research, surveys, reports, the endless stream of information, the infinite learning curve, etc, etc….) Rob explains branding in such a way that’s easy to understand and when you grasp the essential techniques, they are applicable for us little guys.

Visit Rob’s website to buy the book:

(I do not gain anything by directing you there.)


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i-branding discussion list – comes through email.
Rob Frankel is the moderator:

Rob Frankel’s site:

More articles on branding:


We’ve redesigned it. I know you can hardly believe it, this time we didn’t even let a year pass, but I tell you it’s the last time, I PROMISE…. after reading Rob’s book, we don’t want to change our image yet again….


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