Awards Campaign

Awards Campaign

What are awards, anyway?

Awards are given out by various sites on the internet, they are a way to gain recognition and also a way to get reciprocal links to other sites.

How can I get some awards and what do I do with them once I have them?

1. Start submitting to awards – AFTER SITE IS RUNNING SMOOTHLY.

2. Put one or two important awards on the home page.

3. Create a separate page on your site for other awards as they come in, if people who have given you an award also gives a testimonial, include the testimonial on your awards page. More on testimonials.

4. Respond to each award via email, to tell them you have placed the award on your site, where the award is placed, and thanking them for the award. Do this regardless if they ask for a reply or not.

5. Many times, sites which give out awards will also have a links page, check it out and put your link in there too!