60 Sizzling Ways To Ignite Your Sales!

60 Sizzling Ways To Ignite Your Sales!

by Larry Dotson

Ways to Concentrate on Your Target Market

  1. Market your products or services to your target audience. For example, don’t try to sell a football in a cooking magazine.
  2. Spend money on targeted advertising instead of mass media advertising. You don’t want to waste your ad dollars on people who aren’t interested.
  3. When you offer a freebie from your site, submit it to free stuff sites. They provide target categories which means targeted traffic.
  4. Use headlines and sub headlines that are aimed directly at your audience. If you’re selling things to lawyers use a headline like “Attention All Lawyers!”.
  5. Increase your sales by adjusting your product or service to attract other target audiences. This may mean redesigning or adding on to it.
  6. Buy advertising space on discussion board web sites. They are usually arranged by subject; that makes them highly targeted.
  7. Express the same views as your target audience. Bring up common likes and dislikes in your ad. This will create instant rapport with your audience.
  8. Expand your target audience by adding a new product line or packaging your main products with other ones. You could also add-on extra services.
  9. Find new target audiences for your products or services. For example, if you’re selling coffee to stores try to also sell it to coffee shops.
  10. Put yourself in your visitors shoes. Design your site for them, not for yourself. Create your product around your visitors not because you would buy it.
  11. Anticipate any objections your visitors may have about your product offer. You must research your target audience’s needs and wants.
  12. Don’t just start advertising everywhere, plan out your marketing. Locate places and publications that your target audience would congregate around.
  13. Test your advertising and marketing. You’ll save time, money and big headaches promoting the right offer to the right group of people.

Proven Ways to Accelerate Your Orders

  1. Analyze all your promotional efforts. Concentrate on the ones that work and drop the ones that don’t work. Don’t waste your valuable time.
  2. Include a signature file on all the e-mails you send out. Provide your business name, phone number, e-mail and web address,etc.
  3. Increase the perceived value of your product by making your offer scarce. You could use limited time bonuses, low prices, low quantities, etc.
  4. Find out your competitions’ weakness and use it as your “Unique Selling Proposition”. It’s the reason why people buy your products and not theirs.
  5. Divide your price over a period of time to make it sound less. Offer a payment plan or show the per day price. For example, “Only 33 cents per day!”
  6. Tell your visitors the reason why you’re having a sale so they don’t think your products are cheap. It could be a holiday/seasonal sale or clearance sale.
  7. Sell an inexpensive product to sell an expensive product. If people like your inexpensive product, they’ll be persuaded to buy your expensive one.
  8. Educate yourself with new strategies to increase your sales. You could take classes, subscribe to e-zines and magazines, read books or ebooks, etc.
  9. Use your product’s features to support all of your benefits. Just because benefits are more important, don’t forget to list the features.
  10. Test the prices of your product or service. You may increase the perceived value by raising your price and a lower price may decrease your sales.

Don’t Forget About Offline Advertising!

  1. Place classified or full page ads in print publications. The print publications should be computer or internet related.
  2. Post flyers in stores. They could be computer stores, software stores, libraries etc.
  3. Buy mailing lists and send direct mail. You should make sure that all the people on the mailing list are internet users.
  4. Buy commercial time on T.V. They can be during shows that are targeted toward internet users.
  5. Pass out your CD-ROM or diskette business cards at special events. It could be at trade shows, seminars, fairs, etc.
  6. Set up a deal with another business that targets internet users. Pay the business to insert your business ads in their product packages.
  7. Hold a free offline class and teach people how to use their computer or how to use the internet. You could have your web site on display as an example.
  8. Do co-op mailings with other businesses. They should also be targeting people with internet access.
  9. Give away free mouse pads. Put your advertising on the mouse pads and give them away at computer or internet events.
  10. Advertise in card decks. The card deck you advertise in should be targeted toward internet users.
  11. Have a bumper sticker printed up with your web site address and other business information. Place it on the bumper of your car. People will see it when you’re driving.
  12. Have some t-shirts and jackets made with your web site address and other business information. Your family or friends could wear them almost anywhere. When it’s too cold for t-shirts, you can wear jackets.
  13. Have some ball caps made with your web site address and other business information. Wear them to keep the sun out of your eyes and promote your business at the same time.
  14. Have a magnetic sign made with your web site address and other business information. Place it on your car door or roof when you are traveling.
  15. Have some duffle bags made with your web site address and other business information. Give them to family and friends as gifts or use them when you travel.
  16. Have some pens imprinted with your web site address and other business information. When you are done filling out your check or signing receipts leave it there for the next person to use or keep.
  17. Have some mugs imprinted with your web site address and other business information. Use them when you have company or give them away to friends and family as gifts.

More Ideas to Increase Your Profits

  1. Add viral marketing into your promotional plans. Allow your visitors to give away your free stuff, just include your ad somewhere on all the freebies.
  2. Increase the perceived value of your product to skyrocket your sales. Add on free bonuses, after- sale services or an affiliate program.
  3. Don’t make your banner ads look like ads. Most people ignore banner ads. Design them to look like content and have them click to read the rest.
  4. Sell a few back end products that are not related to your main product but are needed by all humans. Every customer that buys from you is human.
  5. Make residual income from your customers by selling back end products. If you don’t have any, you could sign up to related affiliate programs.
  6. Remember newsgroups are still pretty popular. You could post your ad in ones that allow it or you can leave messages with your sig file include.
  7. Maximize the effectiveness of your banner ads. Don’t just use the same ad on every banner, use a variety to attract the greatest number of clickers.
  8. Utilize a simple form of viral marketing. Write or have someone else write a small report with your ad included on it and allow others to give it away.
  9. Design your packaging so it sells your products. Utilize colors and lettering that make your product more attractive to your prospects.
  10. Visit business discussion boards regularly. You could discover helpful advice, online resources and give your own two cents worth.
  11. Gain free advertising by listing your business info in your chat room profile. Most chat rooms allow this, but check their rules to be sure.
  12. Advertise your web site with banner ads that are animated and include a call to action. You must grab people’s attention and make them to click.
  13. Up-sell to all your customers. You could sell add- on products, deluxe products, extra parts, related products, add-on services, etc.
  14. Allow your visitors to decided how much they want to pay for your product. I only recommend it for products that don’t sell or ones that hardly sell.
  15. Learn sales ideas from reading and studying other business’ advertising and marketing material. It could be ads, brochures, tv ads, sales letters, etc.
  16. Make your potential customers forget about the competition. Just tell them to forget with a factual and believable reason why they should.
  17. Switch your marketing plan when your market dies for your product. Be flexible and redesign your product for a different market.
  18. Create an extra revenue stream with your web site’s articles or content. Publish the first paragraph of each article and charge people to read the rest.
  19. When you answer peoples questions by snail mail, include an insert advertisement for the products or services your business offers. Include your web site address, e-mail address, logo, slogan and other information on all marketing material you send.
  20. Place different emotional response ads for the same product or service all over your web site. One ad may hit their hot button to buy more than another ad.