100 Doorways to More Traffic

100 Doorways To More Traffic

By Willie Crawford

All other things being equal, the more traffic you can generate for your site, the more sales you will make. This has to be TARGETED traffic, but more traffic WILL generate more sales. So let’s examine a way to have literally HUNDREDS of doorways drawing customers into your site. Let’s focus on two tools:

  1. Topical articles submitted to search engines, ezine publishers and other sites.
  2. Topical sites with links to your main site or product.

Articles on topics that interest visitors to your site are an excellent tool for getting noticed in search engines. You simply take one of these articles, written by either yourself or others, and submit it the same way you would any other webpage. If it’s someone else’s article make sure you have proper permission – of course. Make sure the page with the article contains all of the proper elements for good search engine placement:

  • A good title that both contains your target keyword(s) and, that is enticing enough to make a surfer click through and investigate more.
  • Meta description and meta keyword tags so that you can influence how some engines describe your page.
  • Alt text tags containing your main keywords so that you increase the keyword relevancy.

Make sure this page contains links to the rest of your site, and maybe to your main product page. It’s also good to have an email link on this page.

When the page is ready, submit it to all of the major search engines, closely following the rules. If you did your homework, you have just posted a page that will place well in the search engines for your keyword(s) and will draw in lots of traffic to your site.

If you have written this article, an additional element to add is permission for others to reprint your article in their ezine or post it on their website (along with your resource box). Every time someone does this you have just created another doorway to your site. When you get your articles in hundreds of ezines and on hundreds of websites the traffic will steadily increase. You may also want to develop a publishers list that you email your articles to from time to time.

Repeat this process with many different articles and you have literally created hundreds of very effective doorways to your site. A factor to consider here though is that you want each article to show up differently in the search engines. It does little good to have identical metatags because then your pages will all show up in search engine searches for the same keyword. You are trying to cover as many different, but applicable, keywords as you can. If you submit too many, too similar pages to some search engines, you run the risk of them penalizing you for spamming.

The second tool is similar but different. Instead of a topical page submitted to search engines, you create a topical site. The site contains anywhere from one to 20 or more pages on your chosen topic. This could be a hobby topic, a sport, a special interest, or whatever. For example, I have sites on cooking and karate.

From this site, you have links leading to your main site. You also have links leading to the products you offer. This site will draw in traffic interested mainly in that topic, but many of these visitors will have other interests. If you word your links properly or use the right banners, you will have visitors to this site clicking through to your main site.

Make sure the pages on this site are designed to place well in the search engines. With some search engines, this is beginning to mean that the site has its own domain name. Sites hosted on free hosting services are sometimes not accepted by some search engines. Some search engines only allow so many pages per day from each domain. These rules don’t consider that a domain can actually host many, many, separate sites.

After the site is optimized, submit it to the search engines, making sure you follow all of the rules. Submit each major page where permitted. You have just created more doorways to your site. You can set up many such hobby sites and multiply the effect!

The concept is simply – yet powerful. Create many keyword-rich pages or mini-sites. Have links from these doorways leading to your main site. Each of these doorways will draw new traffic into your site. Each of these doorways will give you a slight edge in the search engine battle. Used properly this is a very effective tool for drawing in thousands of visitors. Good luck.

Willie Crawford is an internet marketing consulant and promotion specialist. His site contains over 160 articles on internet marketing. It also contains a great discussion board. Visit www.williecrawford.com today. Email comments to willie@williecrawford.com.