10 Practical Principles for Leveraged eBook Success

10 Practical Principles for Leveraged eBook Success

by Alwyn Botha
(Leveraged eBook Success(tm) = to get maximum, exponential, synergistic financial benefits from your eBooks.)

This article explains 10 powerful principles that enable you to get maximum, exponential financial success for your eBook/s:

Integration Combine one-topic eBooks to provide more comprehensive, customer-focussed eBook solutions.
eBook authors can combine their (focussed, one-topic) eBooks with eBooks of others into a set of eBooks that target a customer’s total needs.

Vision eBook authors should understand the power of all Internet functionalities, especially when used in powerful combinations.
Your eBook should focus on Internet functionalities that will help potential customers to get the best profits from their website. The better your visionary understanding of how all Internet functionalities work, and can be combined to help customers, the better you are equipped to write eBooks that focus on these topics.

Align Align your work with those of other topical area experts
You can align your focussed eBook/s with eBooks of others into sets of eBooks that target customer needs. The whole set of ebooks make up a complete solution, as seen from the customers’ view.

Context Understand your eBook topic within its appropriate context.
You should understand that your eBook might only focus (very well) on one particular topic. You should understand your topic within the context of the overall solution that your customers want. Team up with other topical area experts to provide a total solution.

Benefits Customers are only interested in the benefits of your eBooks for them.
eBooks should be written only to help customers, not to focus on you – the author, your company, etc.

Information Architecture You should have an understanding of how different eBooks are interrelated and can be linked into ONE, overall information architecture. This is used to determine where the leverage points are within this information required for Internet success. You want to be AT THE CENTER of these powerful, profitable leverage points.
eBook authors writing about the following, critically important topics understand how their ebook topics work together to provide the one, total-solution ebook focussed on their potential customer needs:

website promotion
search engine submission
website design
Internet strategies
These topics are critically important to businesses that want to make a success on the Internet, and therefore potential customers are very interested in free ebooks that deal with these topics.

Position Focus your eBook on a topic from which you can gain maximum advantage, for example: by being the central topic of a critical, Internet-wide problem/solution.
The topics mentioned above are the topics you should position yourself as an expert at.

Team Focus your eBook on your area of expertise. Let other eBooks complement your expertise.
Focus on your topic of expertise. Team up with other eBook authors to provide a set of eBooks that provide a total solution from the customer’s viewpoint.

Free Use the power of free for potential customers (lead) generation.
You already know, understand and apply this principle very well by making your eBooks available for free in the following ways:

on as many websites as possible
to anyone that wants to include their ebooks as freebies
by listing their ebooks in as many ebook directories as possible
by having more than one free ebook
by including links to other free ebooks in your ebooks
announce your ebooks in appropriate, relevant newsletters
giving ebooks away for free when subscribers subscribe to your newsletter
mentioning your ebooks in:
your signatures
your newsletters
discussion forums
Leverage You can have highly leveraged success on the Internet by thoroughly understanding and coherently applying all principles listed here in the most leveraged, integrated ways possible, as explained in the summary below.
Each practical implication mentioned in this article can be acted on in isolation to get some benefits from.

Much more leveraged benefits can be obtained by combining, aligning and integrating these suggestions in the appropriate context in the most visionary ways, by writing free ebooks in teams that focus on providing benefits to your potential customers.

That sentence might sound powerful, and it is … 😉

That might sound like some work is required, and there is … 🙁

Here are some suggestions on how you can get maximum financial benefit for your eBooks from this article:

print this article
underline words, phrases and ideas you consider important
compile a to do lists for each of these words, phrases and ideas
reread your printed article (full of your notes and scribbles) a number of times over the next few days
think about how all these (and your) ideas can be implemented by combining the ideas for better leveraged (exponential) effects
implement all these ideas
revisit your printed article once a month to apply insights you gained during the previous month’s practical actions
This article was written by Alwyn Botha, the founder of LeveragedSuccess.com

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About the author

Pretium lorem primis senectus habitasse lectus donec ultricies tortor adipiscing fusce morbi volutpat pellentesque consectetur risus molestie curae malesuada. Dignissim lacus convallis massa mauris enim mattis magnis senectus montes mollis phasellus.