10 Golden Tips for Advertising on a Zero Budget

10 Golden Tips for Advertising on a Zero Budget

By Dirk Dupon

Here are the 10 best tips for increasing your visibility on the web. And this without a cost!

1) Swap an ad with another ezine, that has a comparable subscriber base, and be sure to promise in the ad that you will give a FREE gift to the new subscribers. Sit back and watch the traffic flow in 🙂

2) Subscribe to several mailing lists, and post questions, answer other questions, and be sure to include your well designed signature file.

3) If you have an ezine, always give something away for FREE to your readers with every new edition, like a screen saver, an e-book etc… They’ll love you for it!

4) Explore all the different Usenet groups , BBS’s and forums that are of interest to you, and post or answer questions, with inclusion of your sig file. Or better: write an interesting article (like this 🙂 and send it to an ezine with a huge subscriber base. You’ll become known soon…

5) Write a positive note to another ezine editor or webmaster. They like that, and maybe they’ll include your comment in their publication. If so, ask if they will place your sigfile beneath it. You should also sign all the guestbooks that you find while you surf web sites that interest you, of course with your catchy sig file attached to it!

6) Announce your ezine in the following announcement services. There are several with searchable catalogues. They get lots of visitors and are a sure way to quickly find new subscribers.

The E-ZineZ Search Engine:

John Labovits E-Zine List:

NEW-List – You MUST announce your e-zine here!

Newsletter Access searchable Directory


There are a lot of other useful sites related to mailing lists:

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7) If you have a website, set up a reciprocal link page, and trade links with sites that are of similar interest to yours. Write the webmaster a nice letter and ask him for a reciprocal link. You may lose visitors by having their link on your site (they will leave anyway!), but you’ll win visitors from your link on their site! It’s a win-win situation!

8) Submit your ezine or newsletter manually to all the major Search Engines. Take care of your Meta Tags! Place the “Title” tag before the “Name” and “Keywords” tag or your page will be neglected! Front Page 98 automatically places the “Title” tag behind the other tags when it saves a document, so before you save your HTML in FP98, copy it, paste it in a plain text editor like Notepad, and only save it from there! This is very important!

9) Place a ‘Subscribe Now’ box on your website, and ask visitors to fill in their email address -nothing more! Explain that the email addresses will behold in complete privacy, and offer a FREE gift for new subscribers. Send them the URL where they can download their gift after they have subscribed.

10) Add a contest in your ezine; offer a FREE gift when a subscriber asks 2 or 3 of his friends/associates to subscribe to your ezine. Let the contest be date limited, that way they’ll hurry up 🙂

Tips are written by Dirk Dupon, editor of “The Weird Side E-zine”: A highly entertaining selection of weird sites and strange news, book tips, useful software that makes sense, webmaster and e-zine info, free software and email, funny quotes, hot spots on the web, etc… Subscribe and get a FREE HTML tutor.